One of the main DNS in the world takes its servers from the USA

We currently have a wide variety of DNS servers to choose from. Google’s DNS are the most used, but we also have alternatives such as Cloudflare’s or Quad9’s. The latter are operated by the CleanerDNS company , which in turn has the support of large organizations, including IBM . Now the company has been forced to change countries.

This is what the company announced today, where they go from California to Switzerland (to Zurich specifically). The company does not profit from the DNS service, and does not collect or sell personal information. Its operations are maintained through donations to maintain DNS, and it has servers in more than 150 locations in 90 countries around the world.

Quad9 heads to Switzerland to ensure privacy

DNS is a key element in the network to guarantee access to services and web pages. Thanks to them, when we write a URL in the browser, it communicates it to the DNS server to translate the text to the IP address of that website. Operators and some DNS services use this information to find out patterns of access, number of visits and many other data. Therefore, it is very important to use DNS that respect our privacy , and there are many that are faster and more secure than those offered by the default operators. , in order to improve your privacy and data protection, you have decided to move to Switzerland and operate under the laws of the country, as it is one of the countries whose privacy laws protect users the most. The data protection laws of Switzerland do not have restrictions for citizens depending on their country, so they apply to all individuals regardless of the country from which they do so.

In the case of the United States, the regulatory authorities may ask a judge for access to user data, so the security of the information cannot be guaranteed. Now, in Switzerland , Quad9 can promise that data will never be collected, analyzed or traded.

Three different directions to choose from

DNS has the following addresses, depending on whether IPv4 or IPv6 is used:

IPv4: ,

IPV6: 2620: faith :: faith , 2620: faith :: 9

Both DNS have antimalware protection, as well as DNSSEC validation. In the case that users want to use DNS without those security addons, the addresses are, and 2620: fe :: 10. There is also a variant protected by ECS that uses the following addresses:,, and 2620: fe :: 11. The DNS antimalware filter blocks access to 97% of malicious websites that its users seek.

We also remember that Quad9 offers support for DNS over HTTPS , which encrypts DNS requests and traffic that nobody can know on the way between our connection and that of the resolver. To enjoy this advantage, it is necessary that the browser we use has support for this function natively.


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