How often do you have to wash your hair? Is it wrong to do it every day?

Home tips, advice from friends and acquaintances, tutorials that we see on the Internet and social networks … There are many myths about hair care and many doubts about it. Today there are many people who wonder how often you have to wash your hair and if it is good to do it every day.

Taking advantage of the fact that we are in summer, a difficult time for our hair, we have consulted Doctor Pedro Rodríguez , a dermatologist at the International Dermatological Clinic, to try to solve several of the doubts that arise around this issue.

Wash hair when dirty

How often do you have to wash your hair? This is one of the most common questions regarding hair care. We have all heard or once said a phrase similar to: «I have dirty hair, but I washed it yesterday and until tomorrow it is not my turn».

Two days, that is the minimum time that many people wait to clean their hair in order not to damage it in the short, medium and long term. “In general, the norm is to wash your hair whenever it feels dirty, ” explains the hair specialist.

Doing it daily does not increase the fall

“No, the hair that was going to fall out doesn’t fall more or less by washing it. Washing hair is not bad, the important thing is how we wash it , since you have to use products that do not harm it, “Rodríguez replies when asked about this issue.

That carrying out this process every day is bad is one of the most widely held beliefs when it comes to hair care. Wanting to avoid falling, split ends and having a healthier mane are some of the wishes that drive this idea.

Wash the hair whenever it is dirty and if necessary daily is what the dermatologist advises on this occasion. What you should not do is be very aggressive with washing and use shampoos with few surfactants that make little foam and have an acidic pH.

Shampoo with slightly acidic pH

“The pH of the shampoo should be slightly acidic, otherwise it would weaken the hair, breaking the disulfide bonds of the keratin in it,” he recommends.

The shampoo is a product used to clean the dirt from the hair, the fat formed by the sebaceous glands, the skin peeling of the scalp and, in general, the different environmental polluting particles that accumulate progressively in our hair. Ideally, in his own words, it is to use a lotion hygiene of the hair colorless, odorless and make the minimum foam products as “syndet” (without detergent).

Not just any conditioner is worth

The conditioner is the product that is recommended to be applied to the hair after shampooing . There are many reasons why this product is used assiduously and each one moves its own: keeping hair hydrated, providing extra shine to it and facilitating styling after showers, are just some of them.

“Sometimes conditioner is also added to the shampoo,” says Rodríguez. Most conditioning agents are silicones that seal the cuticle of the hair shaft, preventing dehydration, but adding weight and residue to the hair. That is why the specialist considers it important to select criteria those products that contain water-soluble silicones that can be easily removed with the rinse and do not need specific surfactants for their removal.

Athletes, more often

What happens when you sweat? What should be done after sport? People who go to the gym every day are faced with a new question due to the added benefits of sweat and dirt accumulated in their hair.

The same rule should be applied as with any other person: wash hair when it is dirty . If it has become dirty or greased when playing sports, it must be washed.

Enhance care in summer

Direct incision from the sun, beach salt and chlorine from the pool are some of the factors that aggravate the damage caused to the hair during the hot months. Patients who see a dermatologist often complain of noticing finer, thinner, weaker, lifeless hair with a tendency to frizz and break.

The hair dyed or highlighted are especially vulnerable at this time of the year. Taking extreme precautions can prevent it from undergoing major alterations to the original coloration, drying out more frequently and losing its shine and vitality. The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) recommends using a leave-in conditioner containing zinc oxide in these specific cases.

The dermatologist at the International Dermatological Clinic states that the most recommended are physical measurements . “A hat provides the greatest amount of protection against the sun’s rays,” a utensil that. It also protects the skin of the face. It also advises the use of photoprotectors , many of them enriched with chondroitin sulfate, vitamins, essential oils and hyaluronic acid, which apart from protecting from UVA and UVB rays also protect from the effects of dehydration.


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