How to observe the leaders in Ghost of Tsushima

Finding out how to observe the Leaders in Ghost of Tsushima can be a little tricky while playing, but it’s an important game tool that you need to master. Read on to find out not only how to observe the Leaders, but also what makes you observe them in Ghost of Tsushima. Find out below why you would like to observe as many Leaders as possible in Ghost of Tsushima, as well as when and where you can observe them.

How to observe the leaders in Ghost of Tsushima

To observe the Leaders in Ghost of Tsushima, you must be in hiding, stand on an observation point and hold R2 for as long as necessary in an enemy base. Observing a commander at an enemy base will grant you a point for your next position upgrade. This is worth doing, as long as you can stay hidden while in an enemy base.

In reality, observing a leader is simple. Staying hidden from enemies long enough to begin the observation ritual is the hard part. You must try not to warn the enemy while you are in the enemy base. If you are a stealth master, this won’t be a problem. We’re not all Sam Fisher, however. Make sure you study the paths of your enemies and stay hidden until you make it to the top of the viewpoint. It may take some practice, but getting to that vantage point and watching the enemy base leader will help you on your journey.

As mentioned above, observing an enemy Leader grants you one point for your next Position upgrade. Killing the observed enemy leader gives you another point towards a position boost. If you kill the enemy Leader without looking at him, you will only get one point of position boost. Therefore, you will want to observe as many enemy Leaders as possible.


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