Oatmeal water helps you lose weight, myth or reality?

Oatmeal water is a recommended product in diets whose goal is weight loss, since the combination of oatmeal and water is perfect for this purpose. According to Rubén Brago, director of the Department of Naturopathy and Nutrition of  the European Medical Institute of Obesity  (IMEO), this is because “oatmeal, being a cereal, has a high fiber content  , so it takes volume in the stomach and enhances the feeling of being satiated. ”

Oatmeal water is highly recommended because it  helps to better absorb its vitamins and proteins . However, Bravo warns, “there is no product or any way to take oats (as diluted in water or milk) that enhances its qualities.” According to Bravo, “the key to losing weight is not to drink a lot of oatmeal water, because if you base your diet exclusively on oats, your body will have problems due to the lack of nutrients it needs, in addition to fiber, if it is not combined with other foods , it can be negative for food ”.

The right thing, says nutrition expert, “is to reduce foods containing  carbohydrates  not comprehensive and consume products containing whole hydrates and vegetables.” It is highly recommended, says Bravo, “consume oats with products such as meat, fish, fruits and vegetables.” The expert also warns about the false existence of diets based on the intake of few or one food, but, he says, it is about “finding the diet whose combination of foods makes it very healthy according to the objective.”

Properties of oats

Oatmeal is one of the most consumed foods in history, since due to its  energy and nutritional properties it  is the ideal product to fight famines. In addition to being a highly recommended cereal in low-fat diets, it also has other properties that are very beneficial for health:

  • It has many vitamins and  minerals: It also provides a lot of energy to the body, hence its great utility in times or territories punished by famines.
  • It has a high fiber content: The fiber of oats not only serves to enhance the feeling of satiety when feeding, but also helps to fight  constipation . However, Bravo warns that with the intake of oats “you should not consume less than two and a half liters of water, since its astringent effect can cause just the opposite: a stopper effect that worsens constipation.”


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