Numbering of the arts

The numbering of the arts refers to the habit of establishing numbers to designate certain artistic manifestations.

The term “seventh art”, used to designate cinema , was established by Ricciotto Canudo in the ” Manifesto of the Seven Arts “, [ 1 ] in 1912 (published only in 1923 ).Later, other forms of art were proposed, some more or less consensual, others that were readily accepted as the case of 9th art, which today is an expression so used to designate ” Comics “, [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ] as it is 7th art for cinema.

Numbering of the arts

At present, this is the most consensual numbering of the arts, however it is only indicative, where each of the arts is characterized by the basic elements that shape its language and were classified as follows:

  • 1st Art– Sound arts (sound)
  • 2nd Art– Performing arts (dance)
  • 3rd Art– Painting (color)
  • 4th Art– Sculpture / Architecture.
  • 5th ArtTheater
  • 6th Art– Literature (word)
  • 7th Art– Audiovisual arts (Audiovisual) (Contains previous arts such as music for soundtracks, scenic arts for dubbing and motion capture, painting, sculpture and architecture for design, and literature for scripts)

Other expressive forms also considered arts were later added to the numbering proposed by the manifest: [ note 1 ] [ 5 ] [ 6 ] [ 7 ]

  • 8th Art– Photography (image) [ 8 ]
  • 9th Art– Comic strip (color, word, image)
  • 10th Art– Video Games (integrates elements from other arts)
  • 11th Art– Digital art (includes 2D, 3D computer graphics and programming).

Alternative numbers

Other numbers, not so consensual, propose the following:

Most used numbering

  1. Painting;
  2. Sculpture;
  3. Architecture;
  4. Dance; Theater; Illusionism;
  5. Music;
  6. Literature;
  7. Movie theater;
  8. TV;
  9. Comics;
  10. Video Games;
  11. Multimedia / multimedia or digital art



Less used numbering

  1. Architecture;
  2. Sculpture;
  3. Painting;
  4. Music;
  5. Poetry;
  6. Dance, mime, theater and circus; Illusionism.
  7. Movie theater;
  8. Radio, television and photography or grouped in “media arts”;
  9. Comics;
  10. Design in general;
  11. Digital art or RPG or video games;
  12. Graphic art or cooking
  13. Fashion or fashion design


  1. ↑It is necessary to clarify that when talking about numbering proposed by the manifest, we are referring to the numbers used and not to the sequence or type of gear in the list.

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