NotiEasy, so you can save the notification history

How many times has it happened to us that we wanted to see a notification in the terminal, and for one case or another, we have deleted it and we have not seen it again. For those occasions, it is good to consult the entire notification history during the day. Coincidentally, we have looked at an app that will cover our need, called NotiEasy.

It is a tool that will be very useful to us to read the notifications that arrive in a certain interval of time. It is true that there are methods to consult them natively from the terminal, but with this app the content will be displayed in a more visual and reliable way.

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NotiEasy – Save Status & Notification History log

Developer: Sleepaholic

NotiEasy, an app that reads all notifications

This app reads the history of notifications that reach us throughout the day. It shows the messages of all the applications in a very visual way and navigating through a vertical scroll . There are no limitations as in other methods, since messages from any app appear and with no quantity limit.

In principle, it is a function that any other app of this scope can do, even if we choose to view them through the terminal. The curious thing about this application is that from its interface we will be able to block notifications from the apps that we want, just by activating a box. This serves to paralyze the annoying or invasive notifications that we do not want to receive.

The second thing we can do with NotiEasy is to read WhatsApp messages in great detail , both the time, the sender and the content of the message without the social network detecting that we are online. We can even reply to the message from the app itself without entering WhatsApp.

Navigating NotiEasy

This application keeps more ins and outs in its interface. Distribute all the content in four large sections. In the first, we have all the recent or newest notifications that have come to us. If we keep pressing to the right, we have a section to see the notifications only of the apps that we have saved in favorites. To create this list, we must click on «Set up» or go to the drop-down side menu and click on «Favorite».

In the third section we have “Chat”, we have the opportunity to receive all the messages from social networks , read them and respond from the app itself without being online. We can be a ninja in any of the social networks, since it can be configured again in the side menu and click on the “Chat” option. Finally, we have a much less relevant section and where each and every one of the notifications that came to us since we installed the app comes out, although it can also be useful. NotiEasy is completely free and the ads appear in app , not like in others where it appears as a pop up .


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