Northern culture: discover its wealth!

The culture of the Northern region of Brazil is vast, rich and heavily influenced by the Indians, Europeans, and Africans, as well as by migrants.

Because it is a region with a very mixed population, the North has a great diversity of cultural manifestations, be it customs, beliefs, popular festivals, cuisine, dances, etc.

It is important to highlight that the region comprises the states:

Acre, Amapá, Amazonas, Pará, Rondônia, Roraima and Tocantins.

North Region Festivals

The festivities of northern Brazil are strongly influenced by indigenous culture, as well as Christian religiosity.

See what they are and how some important regional parties happen.

Nazare’s Cirio

Círio de Nazaré attracts many people in a large procession

The procession that takes place in the state of Pará is a tribute to Nossa Senhora de Nazaré and takes place in October.

Thousands of faithful walk for miles on decorated streets carrying an image of Our Lady of Nazareth. The route is taken from the Cathedral of Belém to the Praça Santuário de Nazaré, where the image stays for fifteen days.

In 2004, Círio de Nazaré became part of the registration of Cultural Heritage of Immaterial Nature of the Institute of National Historical and Artistic Heritage (Iphan).

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Parintins Festival

The Guaranteed and Capricious oxen are part of the Parintins party

The party, which is held in June, in the State of Amazonas , takes place in a place called Bumbódromo . The festival consists of the dispute of two oxen, Garantido (represented in red), and Caprichoso (represented in blue).

The event lasts for three days and has some characters defined. There is also regulation and judgment, which aims to define the best performance. In the end, the winning ox is known.

According to legend, a man (Pai Francisco) would have killed the boss’s best ox in order to satisfy the desire of his wife (Mother Catirina), who was pregnant and willing to eat the animal’s tongue.

Upon discovering the reason for the death of his favorite animal, the boss called a priest and a shaman to revive the ox, which returns to live. To celebrate, a party is held.

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Other northern festivities

In addition to the parties above, the region also has the “Passion of Christ” Staging. This event takes place in Jerusalem, the second largest scenic city in the world, located in the state of Amazonas.


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