Nokia Lumia 920 Tips and Tricks

Microsoft has taken the Windows Phone operating system to a whole new level with the launch of Windows Phone 8.With this updated operating system, you can now get the most out of a variety of tips and tricks. Here are some tips to help you get the most out of your Nokia Lumia 920.


  1. Nokia Lumia 920 Tips and Tricks
  • Narrate into text
  • Management of running applications
  • Stay informed
  • Screenshots
  • Unfreeze the phone
  • Customize your lock screen
  • Don’t miss a single event
  • Connection shortcuts
  1. Pin to start screen
  2. Reach out to everyone with groups

Nokia Lumia 920 Tips and Tricks

1. Narrate into text

Windows Phone 8 already has Microsoft’s “Microsoft TellMe” speech recognition built-in. To add some cheese to it, you can only turn on the messaging function if you have a Bluetooth headset. This function will read incoming text messages to which you can tell your response and send it.

2. Management of running applications

The physical back button on the Lumia 920 makes it easy to manage background apps. Pressing and holding the back button will show you all the apps that are running in the background. Pressing the back button in an application will close it, and then press the back button again to navigate to a previously launched application. Pressing the Back button several times will close all running applications.

3. Stay informed

Another built-in feature that will notify you of missed calls, text messages, emails and calendars. Go to Settings> Lock screen and tap on the app to show quick status . This will allow you to choose which notifications appear on the lock screen. By purchasing the battery saving feature with it, you can check the battery level without unlocking the phone.

4. Screenshots

Good luck for Windows Phone 7.5 users as they never got this feature for their phone. Taking screenshots on Windows Phone has never been easier. In Windows Phone 8, this feature was originally added to the software. To take a screenshot, press the unlock button and the Windows button at the same time .

5. Unfreeze the phone

If your phone freezes and refuses to boot, don’t worry, nothing serious could happen. In this case, press and hold the volume button, unlock button and camera button until the phone vibrates.

6. Customize your lock screen

Bored with the same wallpaper? Windows Phone 8 offers many options to bring your lock screen to life. Go to Settings> Lock screen and tap background . You can automatically change the wallpaper on the lock screen with photos from your camera or Facebook, or assign an application to do so.

7. Don’t miss a single event

Windows Phone reminds you of your events and appointments right on the lock screen. To enable it, go to Settings> Lock screen and tap Notifications . For this, the default calendar is selected, so all calendar entries will be displayed as notifications.

8. Connection shortcuts

A third-party app named “ConnectivityShortcuts” lets you easily access Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cellular, airplane mode, and location settings right from the home screen. It’s an easy way to turn features on and off without going into the settings app.

9. Pin to start screen

Windows Phone provides the ability to pin almost anything to the Start screen. You can pin your favorite apps, songs, playlists, contacts, groups, pictures, videos and more. This is an easy way to access them without searching.

10. Reach out to everyone with groups

You can create a separate group of people for whom you want to see updates. Attaching this to the start screen will make it easier to see updates from these groups on their respective live tiles.


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