Nitza Villapol

Nitza Villapol Andiarena. Author of Kitchen at the Minute , her most emblematic and widespread book. Host for 44 consecutive years of a program on Cuban television of the same name. He also faced cooking as an economic and dietary problem.


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Biographical synthesis

He was born in New York , in 1923 . Daughter of Cubans emigrated for their political ideas. That made him meet and treat Pablo de la Torriente Brau and other revolutionaries of the time in his childhood . Ten years later she settled in Havana with her family, and here she studied until graduating as a doctor in Pedagogy, in 1948 .

In his approach to the kitchen there was a lot of vocation and a little chance. He always liked to compile recipes and one day he thought it would be useful to publish them. He made a decisive contribution to the study of cuisine when he concluded that the kitchen begins to be Cuban when chickpeas are removed from the ajiaco. Until then, this soup, which is nourished by a variety of dry and fresh meats, had been nothing more than the encounter of the Spanish stew with the meats from the Island. The tasting of the rice in the two daily meals as the basic cereal, the presence of a stew that “wet” that rice, the taste for fried and the preference for sweet, are constant on the Creole palate.

Writer and television host

Her radio and television shows made her enormously popular; her books always broke sales records, and her collaborations in the written press were sought and preserved by countless readers.

Few authors approached the subject of Cuban cuisine with as much length and depth as Nitza Villapol. Nitza Villapol’s work went beyond the simple collection and dissemination of recipes, with all the importance that this may be.

The author of Cocina al momento, her most emblematic and widespread book, also faced cooking as an economic and dietary problem that is part of culture and nationality, and she did so with rigor not exempt from artistic flight, ensuring that cooking it is an art, an art of each people, a minor art that is part of the culture of the people.

In the 1950s , she became famous in Cuba for her cookbooks, Cocina criolla ( 1954 ) and Cocina al Minuto ( 1958 ). Both books have been reproduced without his permission in the United States after the triumph of the Cuban Revolution .

Her writing career was developed in Cuba, so all her books are registered with CENDA (National Center for Copyright) and also have their Legal Deposit in the National Library of Cuba . In this case CENDA, Cuba: NR 1577-2004, Legal Deposit of the National Library of Cuba 4/7/2004.

With the seal of the Scientific-Technical publishing house, From Havana it comes to light, From your kitchen, and in its pages more than 350 recipes are anthologized.

Her long presence on the small screen imposed the image of a sympathetic, meticulous, convincing woman endowed with enormous power of communication. That was, however, only one of the edges of Nitza Villapol. Behind his apparent nonchalance, a woman of culture and hard studies encouraged. He demonstrated this when he was commissioned by UNESCO to write the chapter on cooking in the book Africa in America , which would be published in several languages ​​and already has ten editions.

More than 15 titles, thousands of radio and television programs and countless press columns, such as the one he kept for years in the Cuba International magazine that had her to the end among his most distinguished collaborators constitute the legacy of those who are no longer physically what will have to be referred to over and over again to continue enjoying the delights of the Cuban table and the art and grace that Nitza Villapol knew how to impress on them.

Cook to the minute

From 1951 to 1997, he had his own cooking program on Cuban television, one of the longest running shows in television history: Cocina alminu. This program was broadcast for 44 uninterrupted years in Cuba , by the same station, whether it was Unión Radio TV, Televisión Nacional, Canal 4 or CMBF TV, conducted in the same studio, located in Mazón and San Miguel, Havana , and with the creator and conductor of always: Nitza Villapol. Margot Bacallao, her inseparable co-worker, on screen, made Nitza an inseparable duo.

Under the title Cook to the minute , covering 315 recipes, with an excellent selection of recipes from the collection of books that were published with this title from the year 1950 to 1988 , it is currently the only one that is legally in the Market of this author, who even bought by Mestas brothers, symbolically preserves the logo and seal Nitza Villapol, registered and internationally recognized as family and commercial label and brand in the Trademarks and Patents Spain with record M 266 1902


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