Nfortec Atria 360, Review

The Nfortec Atria 360 is an all-in-one liquid cooling kit with which the Spanish company has wanted to aim for the top. We do not speak without reason, it is something that is obvious both for its design and for its configuration of three fans and a 360 mm radiator. However, what most caught my attention about this kit was its price, and that is that we can find it right now in PcComponentes for only 95.89 euros, a very attractive figure that places it as one of the cheapest options in its class. .

At first glance, the Nfortec Atria 360 looks like a well-finished cooling kit with a careful design that also bets on integrating a complete RGB LED lighting system in both the pump and the fans. This places it in direct competition with other much more expensive cooling kits that offer a high level of performance, and very broad support. That position the Nfortec Atria 360 was in left me really wanting to put it to the test, and today, thanks to Nfortec, I had the opportunity to do so.

For this analysis, I have used a configuration of the latest generation, high-performance components , as well as a Nfortec Aqueronte box, one of the star models of the Spanish firm.

Since the Nfortec Atria 360 is a liquid cooling kit for CPUs, we have focused our tests on this component, and we have chosen one of the most powerful processors out there, and also one of the most heat generating, the Intel Core i9- 11900K , a chip that we had the opportunity to analyze at the time with a 240mm liquid cooling kit (two 120mm fans).

Before we start, we want to thank Nfortec for sending us a sample of the Nfortec Atria 360 kit. Now, make yourself comfortable, let’s get to work.

Nfortec Atria 360, first look

As I said at the beginning, the Nfortec Atria 360 is an all-in-one liquid cooling kit that has a very neat design and that gives, at first glance, quite good impressions. When I took it out of the box and started to fiddle with it, those impressions were confirmed, the build quality is very good , although I did not like the feel of the mesh of the ducts. A minor detail, in any case.

The 360 ​​mm radiator is made of aluminum , and communicates with the pump through two mesh tubes that have a length of 450 mm , which means that we will have more than enough margin to mount it without problems in any type of tower, and in any position, that is, both on the front and on the top. In this case, I have mounted on the top because the Nfortec Acheron came preconfigured with three 140mm front fans, and obviously it was much more interesting that these stayed in place with cold air.

I want to highlight something very important, and that is that the Nfortec Atria 360 kit is refillable , although it is sealed. This means that when the loss of fluid becomes evident and this begins to affect its cooling capacity, something that will not happen for many, many years, we can refill it and give it a second life . Not all kits allow us to do this, so a plus for the Nfortec Atria 360.

Aluminum is a great material to cool when used correctly, as it allows for rapid heat transfer. However, the contact base, located at the base of the pump, is made of copper, and this has an explanation, this material has a higher thermal conductivity than aluminum, although it is also more expensive and heavier, so it has more sense to use it only to communicate, directly, the source that generates the heat with the one that dissipates it.

We jump now to talk about the fans. In total, the Nfortec Atria 360 is accompanied by three 120mm units with seven blades that integrate RGB LED lighting, are made of polycarbonate and have a small padding in the corners that reduces vibration , which translates into a quieter operation . They can rotate in a range between 800 and 1,800 revolutions per minute (± 10%), and generate an air volume of 65 CFM (± 10%). They have a noise level of 32 dBA (± 10%).

The pump is undoubtedly one of the most attractive elements of the Nfortec Atria 360 liquid cooling, thanks to that backlit deep vacuum effect that is generated at the top when we turn it on. As you can see in the images that accompany the analysis, it is very cool, and manages to give a unique touch to any team. Otherwise, the pump is relatively large in size, measuring 75mm x 75mm x 53mm and has, as we anticipated, a copper base. It reaches 2,200 RPM (± 10%) and has a noise level of 23 dBA.

In the box we find everything we need to assemble the Nfortec Atria 360 kit. We have tested the model finished in white, but there is also a black version , so you will not have problems combining it with the style, and color, of your team. Returning to assembly, the kit includes:

  • All the necessary hardware and anchorsfor installation in LGA775 / 1155/1156/1366/2011/2066 sockets (Intel processors), and also in AM4 / AM3 + / AM3 / AM2 + / AM2 / FM2 / FM1 sockets. This means that we can use it with 10th and 11th generation Intel Core processors without problem, and with Ryzen 5000 chips.
  • Syringe with thermal paste.
  • Three 120mm fanswith RGB LED lighting.
  • PWM controllerfor the fans (we can control the speed of rotation).

Nfortec Atria 360 Kit Specifications

  • High performance all-in-one liquid cooling kit.
  • Made of aluminum (radiator), copper (pump contact base) and ABS plastic.
  • Measurements: 394 mm x 120 mm x 27 mm.
  • Length of the tubes: 450 mm.
  • Bomb with RGB LED backlight and infinite abyss effect. Measurements: 75mm x 75mm x 53mm.
  • It includes three 120mm fans with rubber reinforcements to reduce noise and RGB LED lighting.
  • Fan rotation speed: 800 to 1,800 RPM (± 10%).
  • Air volume: 65 CFM (± 10%).
  • Static pressure: 2.08mmH2O (± 10%).
  • Noise: 32 dBA (± 10%).
  • Pump speed: 2,200 RPM (± 10%).
  • Pump noise level: 23 dBA (± 10%).
  • Maximum TDP: 220 watts.
  • Compatible with Intel LGA 775/1155/1156/1366/2011/2066 sockets, and with AMD AM4 / AM3 + / AM3 / AM2 + / AM2 / FM2 / FM1 sockets.
  • Customizable RGB LED lighting.
  • PWM controller.
  • Two year warranty.
  • Price: 95.89 euros.

Nfortec Atria 360: Assembly, CPU used and results

As soon as we open the box of the Nfortec Atria 360 kit we find all the components perfectly arranged and properly grouped. On the left side we have the bags where the screws, thermal paste and the PWM controller come. Before starting with the assembly, you should be clear about some things:

  • This kit is quite hard-wired, so hiding it takes a bit of work. Think about where you are going to install it, and what options for hiding the cables you will have in that area. You should also take into account the reach of the cables, since although these are long enough to integrate into any chassis without problem, if you decide to undertake a particularly complex cable management you may end up having problems.
  • We can place the radiator in any section of the chassis. If your tower has front fans, the ideal would be to mount it on the top, as we have done. In this case, keep in mind that the fans must be on the inside of the radiator, and placed in the right position to extract the hot air. This is the optimal position in assemblies located in a higher position because hot air tends to rise, so the natural thing in that place is to extract it, not push it down by bringing in air from outside.
  • Depending on the processor and platformthat your team uses, you will need a mounting kit or another. All the hardware included in the Nfortec Atria 360 offers us what is necessary for its correct assembly, that is, nothing is missing, except the star screwdriver, obviously, but whatever you have at home will do. Thermal paste is also included.

You can carry out the assembly as is most comfortable for you, but I want to share with you how we have done it. The first step we have taken has been to place the corresponding restraint system at the rear , since we have made an assembly from scratch on a Nfortec Aqueronte chassis.

We have used an ASUS Z590 Maximus XIII Hero motherboard , an Intel Core i9-11900K processor and 16 GB of Corsair Dominator Platinum White RAM at 3,600 MHz. On the back, we have mounted the retainer corresponding to the Intel LGA1200 socket, adjusting the tabs with the sliding pieces (identified in yellow). The setting will depend on the socket you use, keep that in mind.

Once placed, we screw the fasteners onto the pump from the Nfortec Atria 360 kit. It is very simple, we just have to place them with the curvature down and screw with the fastening screws . Once done, we remove the socket protection, place the processor with the triangle facing down and lower the security lock. We apply thermal paste (I recommend a glob the size of a pea in the center), we remove the protection sticker from the copper base of the Nfortec Atria 360 pump and place it on the processor, making the holes for the screws of retention match the restraint system openings.

Now we have to use the long screws, which have a smooth part and the threaded part in their second half . In the manual they are identified with the letter “E”, in case you have any questions. I recommend you screw the four first without forcing them to the stop, and once you have them finish screwing them with a little more force. Do not go overboard, it is unnecessary to go beyond that point where it is already difficult for us to turn the screwdriver.

Well, we’ve done the hardest part of the assembly process. The next step is to screw the fans to the radiator. It has no mystery, we only have to use the corresponding screws which are also very easy to identify, since they are the ones with the longest smooth part. Remember that you have to screw them into the appropriate position according to the function you want them to do (take air out or put air in), and I recommend that you orient the wiring in the way that it will be easier for you to manage later. Once the fans are in place, we are ready to screw the radiator to the chassis, using the short and round head screws.

Once we have finished the assembly process we have to proceed to the cable management before connecting anything. Although it is true that we have quite a few cables, the Nfortec Acheron has allowed us a fairly good cable management. I have passed the cables through the openings in the upper area, taking care not to obstruct the space reserved for the power supply. The result has been very good, since they have been quite concealed.

That’s it, we’ve finished the cable management process, now we have to connect them. In the instruction manual it is perfectly explained, although I understand that users with less experience may feel a bit intimidated at first. Don’t worry, it’s easier than it sounds . In summary:

  • We connect the cable for three pins of the pump to our motherboard, just in the upper right area, where it says CPU_FAN.
  • If we are not going to connect the RGB LED lighting synchronization to the motherboard, we must use the reset connector of the box or tower to be able to toggle the lighting by pressing a button. In our case, we have tested with the Nfortec Acheron and it has worked perfectly.
  • Three connectors come out of the concentrator: the 5-volt one and three input pins that go to the motherboard, and that allows us to synchronize the RGB LED lighting.
  • The 5-volt, three-pin male cable that is daisy-chained to each of the fans.
  • The SATA power cable, which must be connected directly to our power supply.
  • From the fans, in addition to the RGB LED lighting cables, there are three power cables that we can connect directly to the included controller.
  • The controller uses a four-pin connector that should go directly to a CPU_FAN link on the motherboard. Most of today’s motherboards have both connectors, for the controller and the pump, just in the upper right, as we have said.

Well, with everything connected, we have to turn on the equipment. Everything went well on the first try, just as I expected. The quality of the RGB LED lighting of the fans of the Nfortec Atria 360 kit is fantastic, and, as you can see in the photos, both in terms of intensity and distribution, said lighting looks great, although the most beautiful thing about this kit is Liquid cooling is without a doubt that mirror effect with illuminated depth that you can see in the area of ​​the pump.

The processor used has been the Intel Core i9-11900K, a chip that has a TDP of 125 watts, but when it enters PL2 mode it can reach 250 watts without problems , which means that this processor slightly exceeds the maximum recommended value. that has the Nfortec Atria 360. Does this mean that we will have performance problems? Not at all, in all the tests I have done this liquid cooling kit has been able to maintain temperatures so good that we certainly have room to overclock.

On the other hand, this result also confirms that a 360 mm liquid cooling kit, such as the Nfortec Atria 360, is ideal to accompany the Intel Core i9-11900K, since it substantially improves temperatures compared to a liquid cooling kit of 240 mm. As for noise, the Nfortec Atria 360 kit registered a maximum of 44 dBA , a good figure since it fits in with what we can expect from other kits with 360 mm radiators and three fans located within the same range.

Final Notes: A great price-performance value

The Nfortec Atria 360 cooling kit is an example of a job well done, and that quality and performance do not always have to be at odds with price. This solution offers one of the strongest values that we can currently find on the market for less than 100 euros , both in terms of aesthetics and quality of construction, and also performance.

The results we have obtained in the tests speak for themselves. The Nfortec Atria 360 kit has been able to keep a processor of the caliber of the Intel Core i9-11900K at bay, which means that we can use it to cool any current high performance general consumption processor, including also the powerful Ryzen 9 5900X and Ryzen 9 5950X, since they are chips that have similar thermal values.

Regarding the aesthetics of the Nfortec Atria 360, I really liked both the depth effect of the pump and the quality of the RGB LED lighting in general. However, I miss my own quality software that allows me to manage the most important aspects of this cooling system with a simple click , and the meshing of the cables and the cabling has not convinced me either, which I think could be improved.

By placing the radiator and fans that make up the cooling system of the Nfortec Atria 360 kit on the upper part, and by mounting it on a Nfortec Aqueronte, I was able to pass the cables through the openings and hide it without problems, but this does not change the fact of that we have a remarkable amount of cables to connect and manage. They are small details that cloud the product a bit, but taking a general balance I have it clear, the Nfortec Atria 360 is one of the best liquid cooling AIO kits in its price range.

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Final assessment



Mirror effect on the pump.
RGB lighting.


Mesh of the tubes.
Without own software.


The Nfortec Atria 360 cooling kit is an example of a job well done, and that quality and performance do not always have to be at odds with price. This solution offers one of the strongest values ​​that we can currently find on the market for less than 100 euros, both in terms of aesthetics and quality of construction, and also performance. It is not perfect, but it is one of the best in its range and price.

Build quality8.5


Installation and configuration8


Price quality8.5

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