New World:How to fix lag

This New World guide is for those who are facing connection related problems such as frequent delays and disconnections. Hopefully some of the issues you are experiencing in the game will be fixed at the end of this article.

New World: How to fix lag and other connection-related issues

New World is finally available for the public to try. However, not the full version. For now, the closed version of the game is available on Steam. There is no denying that New World is one of the most anticipated games of 2021, and you can easily tell by the number of concurrent players playing the game since its launch. PC users who have pre-ordered New World on Steam or Amazon are eligible to receive Closed Beta access, and if all goes according to plan, “New World Closed Beta” will appear in their Steam game library. The New World Closed Beta will be available from July 20 to August 2.

The game has approached 200,000 players who play it consistently since its launch on Steam. This is probably the highest I have seen in 2021. Outriders and Resident Evil Village reached impressive numbers at launch. But they weren’t even close to what New World is achieving right now.

Unfortunately, the Closed Beta release, so far, has been far from perfect. People are experiencing various problems and errors, from left to right. But if you ask me, I won’t call this a cause for concern. This is what betas are for, right? I am very happy that Amazon Games has decided to release a beta version as this would help developers to get real feedback. Believe me, this is nothing compared to the horrendous launch of Outriders.

In this article, I refer to the backwardness that people face in the New World. Now when I say “lag”, I mean connection lag and not fps lag. Take a look at this post from a Steam user explaining the whole “Lag Detected” thing:

Delay Detected and CalendarConnectedMsg

Since today I get, after logging in about a minute later, the error “LAG detected” and a window opens that says “you can not continue playing”. So I can only confirm with OK and the character screen appears. If I then select my character again and click play, I get the error message “Connection registration did not happen on time: CalendarConnectedMsg” and I can confirm again with OK. This happens continuously until I restart the game.


Let’s see if it is possible to fix the lag in New World and help players who constantly disconnect from the game.

How to fix the lag

Let me tell you that I am currently located in Asia and New World does not have SEA servers yet. The game recommends that I play in the EU Central Region, as the servers there are the closest to my location. And my ping in Central EU is always over 200. So I’ve experienced a lot of lag in the New World myself, and here are some things I did to improve my experience:

  • Take a quick internet speed test and make sure everything is fine from your point of view
  • To make sure you don’t leak, press Windows + Ron your keyboard, paste this into the box: ping -t
  • Press Enter and see if you get any ‘ Timeout‘ or not. If so, then your connection is definitely not stable
  • Also, make sure your latency is not too high (the number after “time =”)
  • Close any background browsers or applications that could be using a lot of bandwidth. (If you want to know how to find them, let me know in the comment section)
  • If you have already created your character, make sure the region you have selected has the lowest ping compared to others. If you enter a high ping region, the game will constantly disconnect you
  • Press Refreshon the character selection screen before starting to play. Doing that lowers my ping often for some reason
  • Go to Settings> Preferences
  • Set ‘ Bandwidth Mode‘ to ‘ High “
  • Set ‘ Enable analysis reports‘ to ‘ Off ‘
  • Go to Settings> Images
  • Set ‘ PlayerNameplate Quantity ‘ to ‘ 5 “
  • Go to Settings> Communications
  • Set ‘ Chat message dimming delay‘ to ’20 “

Follow all the given steps and enter the game. Keep checking your ping or latency as you play. To make the game show, your ping, go to Settings> Pictures. Activate “Show FPS”. Your ping should appear in the upper left corner of the game.

If you are using Discord and while playing this game. Do this:

  • Discord launch
  • Go to User Settings
  • Click on Voice and Video on the left sidebar
  • Scroll down to the Advanced section
  • Disable “Enable packet high priority QoS”
  • Restart Discord

One thing you need to keep in mind is that New World came out a while ago. The game is brand new, so everyone is rushing to play it right now. The servers are loaded most of the time. And connection problems, such as lags or disconnections, are quite common in situations like these. Give it time. You will soon get your share of good experience.

If you think this guide has helped you, please let us know in the comment section below. And for more New World guides, stay tuned to dlprivateserver. We will cover each and every technical issue in the game on launch day. Good luck!

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