New World: how to transfer our game between servers

This is what you should know about the options that New World offers to be able to transfer your character between servers. This will allow you to play with your friends, regardless of where you created your character.

New World , like any other MMORPG, makes our character connect to a server to play online. However, you have to understand that your character plays on a server that does not have to be the same as that of others . This implies that, as much as you have friends added , you cannot play with them.

This is what you should know if you want to transfer your game between servers :


  1. Can I change my server character?
  2. Can I play with players who are on another server?

Can I change my server character?

Short answer: not yet . Amazon has clarified that it is a feature that will be added soon and that it is on their priority list about the game. In addition, it will be a free action the first time , so those who have created their character on unpopulated servers will be able to move to another when the queues are reduced.

Once this function is introduced through updates and its operation is explained, we will explain it to you in detail.

Can I play with players who are on another server?

Obviously, the players have to be on the same server to play together. You will not be able to play with anyone with whom you do not share a server, at least for the moment.

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