New World: how to get and equip skins

This is what you should know about the skins available in New World, so that you can customize any weapon or armor and make it have the look you really want.

New World gives us the possibility to equip skins on weapons, shields and armor , so that any piece of equipment has a specific appearance. This is what you should know about how to get skins and equip them on your weapons and armor.


  1. How can you get skins?
  2. How do I equip skins?
  3. How do I hide my helmet?

How can you get skins?


  • First of all, you need to pay attention to TwitchTwitch drops are sometimes enabled on select channels, allowing you to claim your rewards and activate them in-game.
  • It is also possible that certain editions include skinsfor your characters.
  • You can buy them in the Store(you have the section in the game’s own menu. Keep in mind that you pay with real money.
  • In the future it is possible that different events, dungeons or raids willreward with skins .

How do I equip skins?

  • Once you have skins, equipping them is easy. All you have to do is click on any piece of equipment.
  • A menu will appear, select Change design.
  • Once the menu is displayed, you simply have to choose the skin for your weapon or armor.

How to hide my helmet?

  • The helmet piece has a skin to hide it.
  • Simply pull down the skin menu and select the part with a red Xon it, the Fur Hood.
  • This will make your helmet invisible and you can show off your hair or its absence with pride.

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