New PS5 Owners: How to Fix Common Problems

So, you’re a new PS5 owner, but you may be having problems getting started with the system. We’ve already provided a list of 10 Things You Should Do First with Your New PlayStation 5, but what if your console isn’t working as expected? Namely, you’re experiencing issues like coil whinedownload queue errors, or uncertainty over whether you’re playing the PS5 or PS4 versions of next-gen games. As part of our PS5 guide, we’re going to explain how new PS5 owners can fix common problems with their new system.

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  1. How to Correctly Attach the PS5 Stand
    1. How to Position Your PS5 Horizontally
    2. How to Position Your PS5 Vertically
  2. How to Download and Play PS5 Versions of Cross-Gen Games
    1. How to Download and Play PS5 Games from PS Store
    2. How to Download and Play PS5 Games Using a PS4 Blu-ray Disc
  3. How to Fix Queued for Download Errors on PS5
  4. How to Fix Coil Whine on PS5
  5. How to Remove Other Storage Space

How to Correctly Attach the PS5 Stand

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How do you correctly attach the PS5 stand? There are two ways to position the next-gen console: horizontally and vertically. Depending on which configuration you use, you’ll need to attach the stand to your system, which is included with the console.

How to Position Your PS5 Horizontally

In order to position your PS5 horizontally (so the system is lying on its side), you’ll want to configure the stand so that it’s clips are unaligned with the slot in the centre of the base. You can twist the stand to put it in two different positions. For horizontal use, it should look as pictured.

  1. At the rear of the PS5, beneath the HDMI port and USB slots, you’ll find a line of PlayStation symbols etched into the plastic frame. Align the clips on the stand so that they match the two Square symbols at either end of the pattern, and push it down until it’s secure.
  2. There’s no snap, so you’ll just want to ensure that it’s fitted in place tightly and securely. You can then safely place your PS5 down in the position you want to store it.

How to Position Your PS5 Vertically

In order to position your PS5 vertically (so the system is standing up), you’ll want to rotate the stand so its clips are aligned with the slot in the centre of the base. You’ll know it’s in the right configuration because the bottom of the stand will reveal a secret compartment with a screw inside, as pictured.

  1. Take out the screw from the bottom of the stand, and then remove the circular plug from the bottom of the PS5 console itself. You can find more information on that through here: How to Remove the Screw Plug from PS5.
  2. Attach the stand to the bottom of the PS5, ensuring that the clips are hooked over the bottom of the vents at the rear of the console. Use the screw that you removed from the bottom of the stand to screw it into place into the hole where you removed the aforementioned screw plug from. You can use a screwdriver or even a penny or finger nail, just ensure that it’s tightly attached, and then place your PS5 where you want it to go.

How to Download and Play PS5 Versions of Cross-Gen Games

Many new PS5 games are available for both the PlayStation 5 and the PlayStation 4. Sony, unfortunately, does not make it easy to tell the difference between the two. Here’s how to download and play the PS5 version of cross-gen games available on both of Sony’s consoles. For more information, refer to the following: How to Upgrade PS4 Games to PS5 and How to Check You’re Playing the PS5 Version of Cross-Gen Games.

How to Download and Play PS5 Games from PS Store

  1. If you purchased a game available on both PS5 and PS4 from the PS Store, then you can ensure you download the correct version by finding its product listing and selecting the ‘…’ icon as pictured. You’ll see the other version listed in the drop-down list. If you see the word ‘PS5’ written next to the game name, then you want to select it ensure you download the PS5 version. If you see ‘PS4’ written next to the game name, then you’re already in the right place and are free to download the game.
  2. If you’ve already downloaded the game, then you can double-check you’re playing the right version by pressing options over the game’s icon in the Home Menu. Select Game Version and see which version is ticked. If the PS5 version is ticked, then you know you’ll be playing the PS5 game. If the PS4 version is ticked, then select PS5 version to make sure you’re playing the right one.

How to Download and Play PS5 Games Using a PS4 Blu-ray Disc

  1. If you have a PS4 games that’s eligible for a free PS4 to PS5 upgradeon a PS4 Blu-ray disc, then insert it into the console and wait for the game’s icon to appear on your Home Menu. Push down on the d-pad and if you’re connected to the PlayStation Network you’ll see an icon with ‘Free PS5 Upgrade‘ on the right of the screen. Select it and follow the steps to download the PS5 version.
  2. You’ll then want to repeat the steps listed above to ensure you correctly download, install, and boot the PS5 version of the game. Remember, with Blu-ray upgrades you’ll need to ensure you have the PS4 disc inserted any time you want to play the PS5 upgrade.

How to Fix Queued for Download Errors on PS5

Sometimes, when attempting to download PS5 games from the PS Store, your content will say Queued for Download but won’t ever actually download. This problem can last for days if not correctly remedied, and you still won’t be able to play your game. Here’s how to fix it.

  1. First, you need to boot your PS5 in Safe Mode. To do this, power up the console manually by pushing and holding the button on the front of the console. Hold it down until you hear two beeps. This will bring up Safe Mode.
  2. From the menu, select Rebuild Database, and wait for the console to perform the procedure. You won’t lose any content or save data, but some settings may be reset. Try to restart your downloads, and they should no longer hang at the Queued for Download screen.

How to Fix Coil Whine on PS5

Some PS5 consoles are exhibiting an error known as coil whine. This manifests itself as an annoying, audible howling or mechanical sound when the system is running graphically intensive games. You can listen to some examples of coil whine to compare to your own console through here: PS5 Coil Whine Complaints Intensify as System Launches in Europe.

  1. Coil whine, or sounds similar to it, can in rare circumstances be improved by putting your PS5 in a different position, so try assembling it horizontally or vertically and see if it makes a difference. Follow the information in this guide to ensure you’ve connected the base correctly and that everything is secure. Also check to ensure the faceplates are snapped in correctly; they could cause a rattle if they’re loose.
  2. Ensure that your console has got enough space to be properly ventilated. Sometimes a loud operational volume can be attributed to the console not having enough available air to cool itself properly, so if you’ve got it in a TV cabinet be sure to ensure there’s enough space all around the console and that it’s not running hot.
  3. You may want to contact PlayStation Support if you’re still encountering coil whine problems. While the manufacturer may not consider this a hardware defect, it will be able to advise you better about its returns and warranty policies. The alternative is to continue using your console, as coil whine can sometimes improve over time.

How to Remove Other Storage Space

One of the most frightening things when you check your PS5’s storage space is how much room the mysterious Other category is taking up. With around 665GB available at launch, this category can bulge to anywhere up to 100GB, which is a big concern. We’ve got a full guide on this through the link: How to Remove Other Storage Space from PS5 How to Remove Other Storage Space from PS5.

  1. We’d recommend installing PS4 games on an external HDD, as it does tend to reduce the amount of Other storage space being used up on your SSD. You can copy any games you’ve already downloaded across to an external HDD, and you should see Other storage space reduce.
  2. Check you’re not currently downloading or installing a game, as sometimes partial files like this can temporarily show as Other storage space. If you are, then wait for the process to conclude and see if the category shrinks once the process is complete.
  3. Go to SettingsCaptures and Broadcasts > Captures > Shortcuts for Create Button > Length of Recent Gameplay Video Clip and reduce the number to 5 minutes to see if it makes a difference to your Other storage space.
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