Neuromarketing, Important for Selling Success

Marketing and Service) Have you ever met a marketing person who offered a product and was busy explaining what the advantages of the product were and the features it sold? Many people may take the time to listen but also not buy in the end. Some other people may not even want to listen at all and simply skip the salesperson.

As a human who has a mind, whatever a human does, everything is controlled by what is in his brain. None of the things as long as humans live alone. Everything is ordered by the brain. The brain itself is studied in Neuroscience and its development can be in all areas of life. When Neuroscience comes into contact with marketing the Neuromarketing theory is born. This has become increasingly interesting lately and it turns out that if we understand it, it can provide a strong influence for selling success.

Buying a product is a decision. The decision making process is an important process that makes people act. When buying something, a person cannot be separated from the basic things that make you like, feel needed and important, interested and so on. Buying something without us knowing it involves the following elements:

– Emotions
– Preferences
– Love / love
– Perception

When good communication is established between sellers and buyers, perceptions and preferences are created in the limbic system of the customer’s brain. If after that the customer relationship is well established between the seller and the buyer, in the end customer loyalty to the product and the selling company grows stronger and stronger. This makes the buyer subconsciously will then choose to buy products from the same company.

This is realized by Apple, as explained by Simon Sinek in his book Start with Why. It really is something that changes the way Apple products are marketed. Apple did not start its product promotion with What and How but with the Why of a product launched, or Why Apple? So that people know that choosing Apple is the right decision if you are someone who wants quality and high technology that is above the rest. Apple explains what inspiration makes them make its products. Apple explains the “why” and not the “what” as most other companies do. Apple changed the order of information and this sequence is the proper sequence because it is capable of touching a person’s limbic system.

Note here that in order to influence a person’s limbic system it is necessary:

  • A communicative marketing language that is able to build market perceptions of the product being launched, which touches the customer’s limbic system.
  • Customer experiencethat customers will never forget
  • Maintain good customer relatioship.

Thus, we hope that more of our customers will become loyal customers of the company and will even become ” mouth to mouth marketing ”


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