Nemesis in Resident Evil 3 Remake: How to defeat him

We show you how to beat Nemesis in each of his appearances in Resident Evil 3 Remake and the rewards that he will drop if you succeed.Resident Evil 3 Remake presents us as the main antagonist to Nemesis, the BOW created by the European section of Umbrella . It is the product of a tyrant infected with a parasite, allowing the creature to “program” to follow simple commands. In this case, his orders are clear: take out the members of STARS , which makes Jill his main target and only priority prey in Raccoon City.

Throughout the game there will be optional and mandatory battles with the monster. As was the case in the original game, ending him in the optional encounters will leave us accessories and resources as a reward . So that you do not have any problems with it, we have these three sections with which to help you defeat the monster.


  1. How to temporarily take down Nemesis or run away from him?
  2. Rewards for beating Nemesis in optional matches
  3. How to kill Nemesis in mandatory matches


How to temporarily take down Nemesis or run from him?

In his optional appearances , Nemesis cannot be killed but is fairly easy to defeat. You simply have to shoot whenever you can at the heart , until it falls to the ground. Usually you have to fall twice to get immobilized . It will take a long time to get up. There is not much to worry about , you should be able to dodge all his punches very easily.

Try to use objects in the environment to deal damage to him , especially red barrels, although damaged generators can also immobilize him for a few seconds. Lastly, a hand grenade knocks him straight down.

Rewards for beating Nemesis in optional matches

Here we collect the appearances of Nemesis in which it is not mandatory to defeat him , but if he gets him to kneel, he will drop a Supply Box with a weapon accessory inside. Keep in mind that if it appears between the points we mentioned, it will not drop anything . That is, between the first point (after activating the current) and the second (after establishing the metro route) it will appear again, but it will not drop anything .

After turning on the current

Right after you reactivate the current in Centro , when you go back to Kite Bros Railway, it will appear when you leave the central. If you take him down you will get the Extended Magazine (Pistol) for the G19.

After setting the subway route

Right after solving the puzzle of the subway route in Centro , when you leave the donut shop, you will see how it infects a zombie. If you shoot him down you will get the Silencer (Pistol) for G19.

When running away from him on the subway

At the end of Centro and before starting Sewers and construction area , you have to flee from it through a corridor and a warehouse. You can knock him down here, but if you wait to get into the warehouse, you can use some red barrels to bring him to the knee . It will only drop Shotgun Shells .

When fleeing from him in the streets

After the rooftop fight, you will have to escape from him. Once it appears in front of the Donut Shop , you can make it fall. In the box there will be Fire Grenades .

How to kill Nemesis in mandatory matches

These are the mandatory confrontations with Nemesis . You will have to defeat him to advance, so we will tell you how to do it. Obviously, we don’t include the parts where you just have to run away here .

On the rooftop

In the corners of the roof and on the pallets you will find two Green Grass, one Red Grass, Shotgun Shells, Pistol Ammo and Explosive Grenades . In principle, keep in mind that you will need 9 explosive grenades if you do not miss any shots. Take hand grenades just in case. The combat is divided into three phases:

  • Phase 1: hetries to burn you with the flamethrower. Just “shoot” in a straight line , just hide behind the pallets so it doesn’t hit The idea is to get him to pass close to the generator next to one of the pallets, shoot with the pistol and then do maximum damage against the backpack on his back.
  • Phase 2:After dealing enough damage to the backpack (2 hits from the grenade launcher), it will start to move somewhat faster , it can try to hit you with the flamethrower, and it can also spit fire upwards, temporarily blocking some paths . The process is the same, he doesn’t usually spit at the sky, but stay tuned while you wait for the generator to recharge.
  • Phase 3:After blowing up the backpack (6 hits from the grenade launcher in Standard in total), it will be much faster and will try to use the flamethrower as a club . The attack has quite an area of ​​effect, so be careful. If you see him crouch to gain momentum, he will do a quick attack chasing you, but the tracking is very poor. You just have to constantly rotate around the boxes with the generator until it loads and repeat, always watching for it to get too close to avoid its blows. Note that if you try to shoot a grenade head-on, it will dodge it , unless it is electrocuted. After blowing up the tank, it takes three direct hits from the explosive ammunition grenade launcher for it to land.

In the square of the clock

Start by taking the objects scattered around the area . You should be able to find two Green Herbs and loads of pistol, shotgun, and grenade launcher ammo . Keep in mind that if you can get it to hit the cars, it will open the doors and you will find more ammunition . Well, to the mess.

  • Phase 1: Firstof all, reserve the grenade launcher ammo from the grenade launcher . You will need them for the second phase of the combat. At first you can just run . No need to dodge, just run. Take the opportunity to make it hit the police cars and the vans and collect or expose all the ammunition you can, especially that of the grenade launcher . The only attack that you must dodge will be the one it makes when charging. When you see that he is running in a very different way (it is evident when you see him, calm), wait and dodge to the side. It should be noted that you can do this first part with the knife , stabbing when making perfect dodges.
  • Phase 2:After some damage has been done and some time passes and it will start to run around the limits of the stage . This is when you have to load your grenade launcher with mines and wait for it to stop – don’t try to put them in its path , wait for it to stop, aim and fire. The mines trace a straight path, it is not necessary to calculate the fall of the grenade. You will make him fall to the ground, and you can shoot his heart until he recovers. Repeat until changing phase, do not attack him on the ground .
  • Phase 3:After a certain amount of damage, it will hit the ground several times and the combat will be basically the same, with the exception that it has a new hit on the ground, a low claw combo that can reach you even if you run. Follow the same trend : do not attack on the ground and wait for him to climb to knock him down. If you run out of grenades and ammo you are finished, unless you have the knife with you, use perfect dodges on the ground and stab him until you finish him.

Nemesis Phase 2

  • Phase 1:his attacks are the same as in the clock tower. Shoot and hold until you see a sequence.
  • Phase 2:now he will start running around the outside area, and zombies will appear . Take out the zombies first, your partner will tell you which tank he is behind: shoot with the pistol at the red lights of that tank. That will make him fall to the ground and you will be able to reach him in the heart. As in the square, you will have to repeat the process several times , eliminating the zombies so that they do not get in the way, knock down the monster and shoot the heart.
  • Phase 3: After dealing enough damage, it will not hide behind the tanks, but in front of them. You must do the same, that is, shoot the red lights. You won’t have time to eliminate the zombies , but Nemesis should do it for you. If your partner says “Watch out!” you must be careful , because the monster will jump on you without grabbing on to any tank. On the ground he has a new attack : if you see him lift the tentacle, fire a grenade at him. He’s going to make a difficult multi-phase attack to dodge, and it’s best to try to nullify it entirely. Keep attacking until it falls.

Nemesis Phase 3

As soon as you start, turn around and grab the FINGeR to get a good shot at it. As you do so, you will see a sequence. You have to push the red batteries , but while doing so, Nemesis will try to kill you. In order to avoid its attacks (in Standard, two are enough), you have to destroy the bulbs of a lighter color that you can see through its body. When you destroy them all, he will be stunned long enough to move at least two batteries.

Once you have reloaded the FINGeR, you have to take it out of the holder again, shoot and follow the on-screen instructions to end the fight.

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