Needing to save time when washing?

In a common routine, homework is often neglected when it comes to organizing the time we have free. When not,  these tasks are viewed with great displeasure .

The reason for this may be the premise that domestic issues are always laborious, time-consuming and impractical. For a long time this was a pulsating reality, but technology has been gradually changing this scenario.


More routine, less time

With the daily rush, finding time to rest and perform leisure activities is already a challenge. The problem is when this precious time ends up being given up to perform tasks such as household chores.

Among the chores at home, washing is one of the things that bothers people the most. This after dealing with the sink of dirty dishes. The volume of parts accumulates constantly, giving the feeling that the work never ends completely. And, like it or not, it is an activity that takes time.

Thus, making use of what technology can offer is a fundamental tip to save time when washing and drying your pieces. After all, nobody wants to waste 2 hours of film to a basket of dirty clothes, right? Check out some tips below to consider when buying your appliance!


Invest in washing programs

One of the biggest advantages of washing machines today is the existence of washing programs. These programs make the task of washing clothes much faster and more efficient.

The washing programs are selections that you can make according to certain criteria. The amount of clothes to be washed,  the degree of dirt  and even the type of fabric of the pieces are some examples. The programs consist of stirring and soak cycles. They vary in quantity according to each program selected. For example: a delicate program has 1 stirring cycle, while the extra-heavy program has 5 stirring cycles and two sauces, interspersed with each other.

This allows the task of washing clothes to become more practical. That’s because you don’t need to be supervising 100% washing efficiency. It also becomes faster, as the technology allows for quick cycles without losing efficiency.

The same goes for dryers. They also have drying programs, with ideal cycles according to the amount of clothes to dry.


Functions to have in a washer

In the case of washing machines, there are other functions that optimize the time besides the drying programs. Check out!


Automatic timer and shutdown

There are washing machines that seem to do everything themselves. And that’s exactly what you need on a daily basis if you want to save time when washing. When you select a specific washing program, the machine will run for the programmed minutes. At the end of the process, she will hang up on her own. This means that you do not have to supervise the work of the washer; nor is it in danger of forgetting to wash clothes.


Lint filter

One of the greatest sorrows for those who wash clothes, is to find lint in the newly washed pieces. This is because some parts, during washing, release lint that can stick to other parts. There are models of washers that have technologies developed to filter as much lint as possible. This prevents you from having the unpleasant experience of having to remove, one by one, the lint from that favorite blouse. Saving time and ensuring care for your clothes!


Automatic water inlet and outlet

In the case of tanks, the biggest complaint is working with water management before and after washing. But again, technology has transformed products and experiences! Nowadays, the market has models with automatic water inlet and outlet. Models that are concerned with efficiency and economy still count on water intake regulation; allowing you to select the water level according to the amount of clothing. For example, it is possible to select the 65 liter water inlet for washing between 2 and 5 kg.

The biggest advantage, besides saving water, is the autonomy of the machine to work without the need for interventions. In models that have this water inlet selection, the machine starts to work as soon as the limit is reached. All without the need for you to start the washing machine.


Functions to have in a dryer

The double clothesline and sun is one of the most common ways of drying clothes. But the problem starts when the weather is poor: rain, cloudy, cold, etc. These are some  factors that prevent clothes from drying out quickly , making you need to improvise, at the time of emergency, to use that piece you need.

For that, clothes dryers usually help a lot. Gone are the days when this type of equipment was famous for taking hours to dry the parts and still consume absurd levels of electrical energy. There are currently dryers on the market that have the highest energy efficiency labels. This in addition to taking little time to dry the parts. Check out the functions that a clothes dryer can have to facilitate your daily life!


Drying programs

Like washing machines, dryers can also have drying programs. They are extremely efficient when it comes to leaving your clothes dry in the shortest time possible! The system is very similar, since it also has cycles that make up programs for quick to extra heavy drying. If the dryer still has power settings, even better. You have even more control over the drying time of your pieces.


Smart timer

With the automatic shutdown function, you get the freedom to let your parts dry. All without worrying about pausing the work at the end of the process. The model SR555 from Latina, for example, has a smart timer that even includes a cold cycle of 15 minutes, whose function is to soften the clothes!


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