Need for Speed: Payback – How to Build a 1965 Ford Mustang

Building a 1965 Ford Mustang takes a fair amount of driving around the open world. Everything will be much faster with this guide.

Need for Speed ​​Payback is a massive game set in the expansive open world of Fortune City. There are tons of items to unlock, but the most prestigious collectible and unlockable items in NFS Payback are old cars. In this Need for Speed ​​Payback guide to finding these car parts, you’ll find in-depth information on what old cars are, how to unlock quests to find them, and where to find each old car part. We have all this information right now. Use it!

Old cars in NFS Payback are some of the best and coolest cars in the game. Carefully study the information below and you will not have any problems finding the right things. The main idea is to complete several boss races that provide hints on finding parts. They are not marked on the map, so you have to search a little, looking around and focusing on the sound signals of the radar. Once you find all the parts, the game will offer you to assemble a car from the selected class. Each of the old cars can be upgraded to level 300 and get a super build. They allow for the most elaborate customization elements.

How to open a 1965 Ford Mustang

In order to find this old car, you need to complete the Graveyard Shift event, complete all its races and defeat the boss. After defeating the boss, he will give you a map with photos of the places where parts of this Mustang are hidden. They are numbered clockwise from the top left.

1965 Ford Mustang parts

First part

Head to the location indicated on the map screen above. You will see a marker, but you will not be able to get to the hidden part directly. To get the piece, you must head to the ramp in the area. Jump off it and you will find the first piece.

Second part

The second car part is located practically in the center of the wasteland without roads. Head to the area on the map and find a large barn. A mountain ridge is next to this barn, and on it is a part of a car. Thanks to the ramp next to the barn, you can really accelerate and jump onto the ridge.

The third part

Exact location

The third part is hard to find. It is located on a high ridge, but getting there is another task. You must find a place that is above this point. There will be a muddy ramp that leads to the area with a part of the car. As soon as you find the ramp itself, accelerate from the hill to nitro and make the jump. Then go around the mountain, a part should be in front of you.

Fourth part

Go to the location marked on the map and look for a small road to the side that starts at a large bend in the main canvas. We go further, we again accelerate through the ramp. And here is the last part of the Mustang.

Do not forget to upgrade the car to the maximum level, this will open up the most interesting customization options!

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