Nature and Characteristics of Sholehah Women in Complete Islam

Sholehah Woman: 31 Nature and Characteristics in Complete Islam  – For this occasion let us review a theme where a woman can be a blessing in her own family. The world is jewelery and the best of jewelery is shalihah women. As in a hadith it says:

The world is a good and good thing for a good woman

” Indeed, the world is jewels and the best of jewels are jewish women ” (HR. Muslim no. 1467).

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  • 131 The Character and Characteristics of Sholehah Women in Complete Islam
    • 1The Characteristics and Characteristics of Sholehah Women
      • 1.11. Women who are obedient and devoted to Allah SWT and understand religion.
      • 1.22. Women who can recite or read verses from the Qur’an.
      • 1.33. Being able to keep the husband’s shame and secrets.
      • 1.44. Women who have good deeds.
      • 1.55. Not easily upset with the husband.
      • 1.66. Always pleases her husband.
      • 1.77. Pay attention to the husband.
      • 1.88. Receive and appreciate the slightest that the husband gave.
      • 1.99. Obeying husband’s commands.
      • 1.1010. Preening is only for the husband and not excessive in preening.
      • 1.1111. Do not like to leave home without the need and permission of the husband.
      • 1.1212. Women who are not jealous.
      • 1.1313. Full of love.
      • 1.1414. Women who are not lazy.
      • 1.1515. Have a wife.
      • 1.1616. Serve the husband with sincerity.
      • 1.1717. Maintain a husband’s honor and wealth.
      • 1.1818. Dislike of husband’s words.
      • 1.1919. Able to comfort the husband when he is sad or hit by a problem.
      • 1.2020. Smart woman.
      • 1.2121. Can take care of themselves.
      • 1.2222. Women of maternal nature.
      • 1.2323. Women who are good at dividing time
      • 1.2424. A woman who remains faithfully accompanies her husband
      • 1.2525. Women who are grateful
      • 1.2626. Women who always maintain their genitals
      • 1.2727. Women who serve their husbands sincerely
      • 1.2828. Women who are always taking refuge
      • 1.2929. Women who have a modest attitude
      • 1.3030. Women who are guided by the Koran and Al-Hadith
      • 1.3131. Putting the husband’s interests first
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31 Nature and Characteristics of Sholehah Women in Complete Islam

For the wife and prospective wife who is righteous, should know what is liked by her husband, many  traits and characteristics of righteous women are very coveted by the husband. Of course all that is done is inseparable from religious teachings. The need for knowledge about the nature of being a wife is very important so that in undergoing the household dipper runs with harmony, sakinah, mawaddah wa rohmah. Not only the wife, the husband must know the nature of being a  husband , household leader and priest who is good for his family.

The nature and characteristics of Sholehah women

As a prayer man or prayer husband, of course he wants his woman to have good qualities that are able to pacify the husband’s heart and bring blessings in the family he will build. Here are some of the characteristics and characteristics of women sholehah desires men Salih according to Islamic teachings, including:

1. Women who obey and fear God and understand religion.

تُنْكَحُ الْمَرْأَةُ لأَرْبَعٍ: لِمَـالِهَا وَلِحَسَبِهَا وَلِجَمَالِهَا وَلِدِيْنِهَا فَظََظََِِِِذَ

Which means ” Women are married for four reasons, because of their wealth, their lineage, their beauty and their religion. Then find a religious woman who will believe you will benefit “(HR. Al-Bukhari no. 5090 and Muslim no. 1466).

Rasulullah SAW threatened and forbade men to marry women not because of their religion. ” Don’t you marry a woman because of her beauty, it could be that her beauty will make her proud. And not because of his wealth, his wealth might make him fight, but marry a woman because of his religion. In fact, the black slave is pug but religion is better. (HR Ibn Majah)

Provisions that are highly prioritized are understanding of religious teachings, being able to read and recite verses of the Qur’an that can be the basis for being able to realize his household with a solid foundation in order to prepare the Islamic generation he blessed.

2. Women who can study or read the Qur’anic verses.

It is very important for women to be good at reciting and reading verses of the Qur’an and even better memorized verses of the Qur’an because besides its exceptional merit, the Qur’an is one of the miracles that Allah guarantees its purity. There is a lot of glory and goodness in it, one of which is that the Qur’an can stimulate the development of a child’s brain and increase its intelligence, when it contains it should read aloud verses of the Qur’an frequently, so that later generations are born to be intelligent and moral.


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3. Able to keep a husband’s shame and secret

Does not like to reveal the husband’s disgrace to anyone. A good wife will always keep her husband’s secret, because it is a disgrace to her husband.

4. Women who have the virtues of mercy.

Always keep the language spoken, polite in speaking, gentle temperament and behave politely towards her husband.

5. It’s not easy to be angry with a husband.

Legowo nature and easy to forgive in every mistake.

6. Always pleases her husband.

Always cheerful and romantic before him will make him happy and reconcile the heart.

7. Pay attention to the husband.

from the smallest thing like preparing clothes for her, cleaning her bed, stroking her forehead, smiling, kissing her hands when one of them was about to leave.

8. Receive and appreciate the slightest that the husband gave.

Be grateful for what he did to make you happy, even for something worthless.

9. Obey the husband’s orders .

Whatever the husband commands when it is not in sin or sin, we must obey it.

10. Grooming is just for the husband and not too much for the grooming.

Which man does not want a beautiful and neat woman, besides pleasing to the eye, can also provide comfort and a positive aura. If you see his wife the smell of dirty and dirty will certainly make the husband uncomfortable around him. There’s no harm in doing things like that, so that the husband feels at home ??

11. Don’t like leaving home without the need and permission of the husband.

The sholihah woman always takes care of herself, not going out of the house to gather outside the house with gossiping and huddling is unclear. If you are married you should know its capacity as a wife as well as a mother for children.

12. Women are not jealous.

Jealousy is indeed a sign of love, but don’t be a jealous woman. Fatal jealousy can ignite the integrity of the household. Give trust and mutual loyalty to your partner.

13. Full of love.

It will be very valuable when the couple has a loving nature, because this quality is needed so that the peace of the soul is fulfilled.

14. Women who are not lazy.

How can housework be accomplished if a wife is lazy ?, because there are so many duties of a wife from starting washing clothes, dishes, cooking, preparing food, sweeping, ironing, cleaning the room from dust and dirt, cleaning items, to arranging neatly the room in the house, all that is a woman’s duty, so … be a woman who is not lazy Ok … so that the husband is more loved.

15. Pamper your husband.

When the husband is at home, don’t get involved in sunnah worship that can prevent her husband from serving him, unless the husband allows it. If she has a house, the wife is a farm for her husband, and that is the reward for both. as stated in a hadith:

Which means: ” It is not lawful for a wife to fast (sunnah) while her husband is there (not traveling) except with his permission “. (Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 5195 and Muslim no. 1026)

16. Serve your husband with sincerity.

Don’t put a frown, wrinkled forehead and lips pouting … so that God doesn’t curse you. Don’t reject the invitation from the husband to have fun with him, because God really does not like it.

17. Maintain the husband’s honor and property.

Both when the husband is not at home or at home. Because the  husband  ‘s honor and property is his wife’s honor and property.

18. Does not like to refute the words of the husband.

Unless the words are wrong and misleading. If you don’t like it, then talk gently without violence and cause a fight.

19. Able to comfort the husband when he is sad or hit by a problem.

Do not complicate matters and circumstances. Make his heart calm.

20. Smart woman.

Smart wives are the desire of all men, because they want  their children to be born  of intelligent women, to be able to care for, guide and educate their sons and daughters with a variety of educational intake and noble character.

21. Can take care of themselves.

In the sense of being able to maintain his views from world defamation.


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22. Women who have maternal qualities.

The maternal nature of a woman is supported by two things: love and tenderness. His love is so great because of his great sacrifice for the sake of his children. The softness it has makes its children closer and warmer in their arms. The husband must be proud to have a wife who can be trusted in taking care of his children later.

23. Women who are good at dividing time

Muslim women can always keep their time so that it is not wasted in vain, in the day or night. So in that way, you can avoid ghibah (gossiping), namimah (fighting sheep), berated and other things that are of no use.

24. A woman who remains faithful to accompany her husband

When her husband is inside the house (not going out or safar), a woman engages herself in carrying out the sunnah which can prevent her husband from resting (pleasing with him like fasting, except if her husband allows. According to the words of the Prophet Shallahllahu’alaihi wa sallam that is:

“It is not lawful for a wife to fast (sunnah) while her husband is there (not traveling) except with his permission”. (Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 5195 and Muslim no. 1026)

25. Women who are grateful

A wife who is a sholehah is a woman who is grateful for her husband’s gift and kindness, never forgetting her kindness, for the Prophet sallallaahu’alaihi wa sallam said:

“It was a hell of a hell for me, but I found that most of its inhabitants are women who are disbelievers.” Some asked him: “Do they disbelieve in Allah?” She replied: “They cheated on their husbands and praised (not thanked) their well-being. If one of you did good to one of them (a wife) for a whole year, then he saw from you something (which was not pleasing to him) but he said: “I have never seen you for good.” (Narrated by Al-Bukhari no. 29 and Muslim no. 907)

26. Women who keep their genitals

Can be called a woman who sholehah if he is clever in maintaining genitalia. One of the obligations for a Muslim is to close the genitals and keep the best.

27. Women who serve their husbands sincerely

A wife must never or never refuse to invite a husband to have fun, because God will curse him. Always providing pleasant service so that the husband increasingly gets to him is an obligation.

28. Women who are always taking a breath of marriage

A woman who is pious in her heart is embedded with fear of Allah when committing an error or act that is forbidden and hated by Allah. So that women sholehah always take care of themselves by always taking refuge and asking forgiveness from Allah SWT

29. Women who have a simple attitude

The sholehah women have perfect faith, making them not tempted by the luxury of the world. They always lived a simple life and were always grateful for the favors God had given them.

30. Women who follow the Quran and the Hadith

The Qur’an and the Hadith are the guidelines of every Muslim, not only for Muslim women. By adhering to the Qur’an and the Hadith, it will feel peace and tranquility and also seek its intercession on the Day of Judgment.

31. Abandonment of husband’s interests

A married woman always puts her husband’s interests ahead of her own. In addition, he obeyed and served what the husband commanded, as long as his order was not in violation of religious law.

If you have a sholehah wife like that, God is willing, the family life she fosters will always be in abundance of blessings from Allah, sakinah, mawaddah wa rohmah and can give birth to daughters who are righteous shalihah and become an eye conditioner. Aamiin

Thus the article I wrote about Sholehah Women: 31 Traits and Characteristics in Complete Islam . Hopefully those of us who have not gotten a life partner will get a partner that God is pleased with our desirable character and become an eye conditioner for later life to his heavenly family, and those who are already married can be a reflection of living more organized with predetermined rules, so that they are always happy and be a sakinah family, mawaddah wa rohmah forever. Aamiin


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