Native Hisense Smart TV Apps – How to Update Them

Smart TVs are equipment that cannot be missing in our home when entertaining and one of the most important things we should know, if we have one, is to download and install the applications for Smart TV as well as the games that it offers us. .

Depending on our smart TV, we can enjoy one or another application store. This is due to its operating system and whatever brand it is, causing us to have to surf between stores to obtain the applications that we must have .

That is why in this article we will see how to download and update the applications on a Hisense Smart TV. In addition to this, we will see other topics related to the applications and from where we can download them along with a group of alternatives.

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  1. Can I download and install games on my Hisense Smart TV?
  2. Steps to install Google Play on a Hisense Smart TV
  3. Download and install Netflix
  4. Download and install HBO
  5. Download and install Disney Plus
  6. Native Hisense Smart TV Apps – How to Update Them
  7. Alternatives to download and install applications on Hisense TV
  8. Screen Mirror
  9. Vewd
  10. Use the Hisense App Store
  11. How to remove applications from a Hisense Smart TV
  12. How to download, install and update the applications on a Hisense Smart TV?
  13. Disadvantages of Smart TV in terms of applications
  14. What are the best Smart TVs
  15. Advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV

Can I download and install games on my Hisense Smart TV?

The first thing we should know is that the vast majority of Hisense Smart TVs have the Android TV operating system . This effectively means that we can download and install games on it. It is also provocative to download games for such a large screen, especially being that of a Smart TV.

Most of the popular games for Android TV and Smart TV in general, tend to be family-style games that can be developed in a sharing environment, especially in spaces such as a living room where, in most cases, the Main TV.

Steps to install Google Play on a Hisense Smart TV

Google Play Store is in the top of application stores worldwide, with all the applications of the moment for download . In turn, it has in its same app, applications compatible with all types of devices.

To obtain more universal applications, many users of all types of Smart TVs look for a way to download it on them, but it is not possible to install the Play Store on a Hisense Smart TV .

Download and install Netflix

This will not be necessary, since on all the latest Hisense devices, we have the Netflix application available . We will only have to search our home screen for the Netflix icon, then having to register to enjoy the entire catalog it has.

Download and install HBO

HBO, unlike Netflix, is unfortunately not included . But no problem, because we have alternatives to enjoy this streaming platform.

  1. The first one is to use an external hardware device such as Apple TV. When connecting via HDMI with our Hisense Smart TV, we download the HBO application and see its content in this way.
  2. In case we do not have an Apple TV, we can apply a similar method to the past. It consists of connecting or synchronizing the screen of our phone to the Hisense Smart TV. Once the application is downloaded, we enjoy the content calmly.

Download and install Disney Plus

As with HBO, Disney Plus is not yet available on all Hisense Smart TVs. However, we can enjoy this service, using exactly the same methods that we explained above .

Native Hisense Smart TV Apps – How to Update Them

All applications and programs have different versions, whether they added a new function, improved some aspect already included, fix errors, etc. To make a correct use we must always have the most updated version that we can .

Now how do I do it on my Hisense Smart TV? we don’t really have to do anything. This process does not require any action, since if the application store of our Hisense Smart TV detects a new version, it proceeds to install it automatically , so we should not worry about that.

Alternatives to download and install applications on Hisense TV

In case you have problems with the default application store of Hisense Smart TVs, or want to try a different way of downloading applications, we will give you three options to do so. Mentioning some of the best sites to do it.

Screen Mirror

This has become the most popular as an alternative to the factory stores that carry Smart TVs . It allows us to use these applications without much problem, being one of the best alternatives for a Hisense television.

If we want to use this method, what we must do is connect our phone wirelessly to the Smart TV, projecting the screen and enjoying the ideal applications for a Smart TV and many more, having an extension of the phone that we are using.


This platform allows us to download a good number of applications, but its characteristic that makes it ideal for Smart TVs is that its entire catalog is designed for smart televisions . To download it, just go to the app store of our Hisense Smart TV.

Use the Hisense App Store

Finally, we have to use the Hisense App Store. Despite not having so much variety and quantity of applications such as Play Store or Vewd, it is more than enough to consume audiovisual content on our Smart TV, having the mandatory applications of all Smart TVs.

How to remove applications from a Hisense Smart TV

We already have a good time seeing how to install and update applications, but how do we remove them? To do it on our Hisense Smart TV, we must follow these simple steps:

  1. We access the main menu of our television.
  2. We go to the ‘Applications’ icon and enter.
  3. Once we are in ‘Applications’ we select the app that we want to deleteand we keep ‘ok’.
  4. At the end of this, we will get the option to ‘uninstall’.

How to download, install and update the applications on a Hisense Smart TV?

Downloading, installing and updating applications on a Smart TV through the Hisense or home screen is quite simple, the first thing we must do is make sure that our Smart TV is connected to the internet either with a Network cable or Wifi, once turned on the TV we go to the Hisense or home screen , we will do this by pressing the button on the control that has the drawing of a house.

When we are on the home screen we will select the applications icon, when it opens we will see all the default applications that our Smart TV has installed such as Netflix, YouTube, among others, if we want to install extra applications we must go to our app store Smart TV when opening will show us the applications available for Our Smart TV.

Disadvantages of Smart TV in terms of applications

Smart TVs turn out to be quite useful when it comes to entertaining ourselves, it allows us to watch our favorite videos on YouTube and even watch movies and series through the Netflix platform without having to connect it through a VGA or HDMI cable to a computer, Smart TV also give us the opportunity to download other applications through which we can enjoy watching our favorite sports or TV shows.

The disadvantage of Smart TV in terms of applications is that if we do not have a powerful Smart TV, the application gallery of the Smart TV App Store will be very limited since it will only show the applications compatible with the Smart TV that we have, If we have a powerful Smart TV, we will have the opportunity not only to download applications, but we will also be able to download games.

What are the best Smart TVs

There are a number of brands that offer us Smart TV of different sizes and capacities, if we want to fully enjoy everything that a Smart TV offers us, we must have a fairly powerful one since depending on the brand and the capacity we can download more applications from those that our Smart TV already brings by default.

If we get to have a Smart TV of enough capacity we will not only be able to open and use Facebook , we will also be able to download and install WhatsApp easily , in addition to this we will also have the opportunity to download games like Angry Birds, among others.

Some powerful Smart TVs are: Panasonic My Home Screen 3.0 with Firefox operating system, Samsung Smart Hub and Tizen with Tizen operating system, Samsung QLED 4K 2020 65Q80T, Sony Android TV. The more up-to-date and modern the Smart TV is, the better the viewing experience.

Advantages and disadvantages of Smart TV

Smart TVs offer us a number of advantages, in addition to allowing us to enjoy our cable signal like a normal TV, we can connect to the internet either by Network cable or Wifi and use applications such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus , sports programs, among others, with Smart TV we can also make video calls since through USB we can connect a camera. 

The most notorious disadvantage of Smart TVs is their price since the most accessible models are the most obsolete or of low quality and therefore have a limited catalog of applications, in addition to these Smart TVs navigating the interface becomes a bit slow as it has low Ram memory.

Another disadvantage is that by not having a modern or updated Smart TV, we will not be able to fully enjoy the visual experience that it can offer us as 4K videos with excellent resolution.


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