My thoughts on passion

Hello to you this Monday morning! Hope you got off to a good start to the week.

This week the theme for the posts here on the blog is PASSION. Therefore, I want to start the week by sharing my thoughts on passion.

Conversations about passion

I often end up in conversations about passion. Talk about what passion is for something and whether you should follow your passion. Talk about how important it is to do what you really love and that it should be a big part of life. I have quite a few thoughts on this and maybe they are the same as yours. In any case, I think it’s interesting to think about how important it can be to do things that you love. Does it affect us or is it more of a side job? In what way can passion become a part of life and how much does it reflect our personality. Many thoughts and everything I do not get into today but I start small.

My interests in life

I have always had clear interests throughout my life. It has not always been the same thing but what I have been interested in has always been extremely important to me in that period of my life. I often give myself completely to an idea I get or a hobby. Should it be done, it should be done for real.

My interests have varied a lot and you could say that it has been like a search for my actual passion but I am not completely convinced of that. I think we can be passionate about many things at once and different things through life.

When I was a kid, I loved to play tea parties and forced everyone I had around me to join. It was not a game I just played for a while but for several years. In middle school, the horses took over and I rode to high school. I spent many days a week in the stable and I fell in love with the dressage. I had to put my interest in horses on the shelf when my back said no. During high school, I actually had nothing that I stuck to, but then it was rather the friends that were the most important. Not entirely uncommon at that age. I became a teacher later and loved everything that had to do with teaching. It’s a passion I still have. Wholeheartedly. Today I do it in a different way.

My passion today

Today, my main passion is the driving of my company and the people I help. It gives me so much joy and I can not stop. Sometimes I think that’s enough. Now I’m done with entrepreneurship, but that feeling does not last long. I want to influence, inspire and help. It is important to me.

In addition, I would say that flowers are a passion and interior design and photography. Photography follows me in everything I do. I no longer grow the flowers myself but I always have them at home so I can enjoy them. When it comes to the interior, it has calmed down a bit but I like to redo at home often.

A big interest that I have always had is writing. I write all the time. In diary, books and here on the blog. I write by hand and I write digitally. Without writing, the body screams. It’s an outlet I can not be without.

A great feeling

Passion is a great feeling. It’s a love of something. It takes over one in the moment and stays in the mind when you do something else. Passion takes you to places you never thought you would and passion constantly surprises. I dare things I did not think I would dare because I am so passionate about what I do. I never thought I would dare to be on TV and talk or on the radio but it’s fantastically fun when I get to talk about what I’m passionate about.

My thoughts on passion

Of course, it is important with interests and it is important to let passion be a part of life, but I probably oppose that passion must lead all the choices we make. For some it is enough to have the passion as a hobby while others want it as a profession as well. Which is okay.

However, I find it sad if there is no opportunity for you to do what you love or if you do not know what a passion is for you. It may seem strange to someone who is too passionate but it is not a matter of course. I believe in itself that the passion is there, but it has not been allowed to be expressed and then the question is how important it is to bring it out. Is it really something to strive for? I want to answer yes to that question. Not because you have to do it all the time but because it will give you joy and meaning. It will give you something to always come back to that gives a good feeling. Something that attracts attention when life feels awkward or sad. Passion lifts you. It takes you, as I said, to places you can not imagine now. Both physical places and places within you.

If you get space for what you love, life will be brighter in some way. I think it is important to get an outlet for their energy but also to have something to look forward to.

If you love to travel, it’s probably not something you do all the time, it’s something you plan for. You decide where to go next time and until then you read everything you can come across about the destination and think about what you want to see when you are in place. The journey is like what comes last on the list. The preparation also takes time but at the same time gives joy. It’s passion. It’s joy.

What is your passion?

I certainly think you have something that you are extra passionate about in your life. Something you always look forward to. It does not have to be something extravagant. It could be spending time with the grandchildren or painting paintings. High and low so to speak.


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