My iPhone fast charging is not working, what to do?

If fast charging is not working on your iPhone or iPad it could mean that the device and the charger may not be compatible or that something in your smartphone or charger is malfunctioning or even damaged and therefore needs to be repaired. But first of all let’s go

What does it mean to have fast charge on iPhone and how can I check it?

Fast charging of your iPhone can be considered to be working when it is able to charge up to 50% of the battery in less than half an hour .

Now let’s see which iPhone models support fast charging.

Which iPhone models support fast charging?

It can be said that your iPhone incorporates fast charging technology throughout the PRO or MAX series or also from iPhone 8 onwards .

If you have some of these models and they do not have a fast charge, then I will give you some tips to solve it.

How to make fast charging possible on your iPhone

There are a few things you need to do to determine the culprit in order to resolve the issue on your iPhone. There are also things you need to do to make it possible to charge your iOS device faster.

Please use an original device charger

It’s broken or you just lost your iPhone charger and it needs to be replaced. It is of great importance to get an original fast charger.

For fast charging you need an original iPhone USB-C to Lightning connector cable as you can see in the following photo:

And an original Apple USB-C charger of 18, 20, 29, 30, 61, 87 or 96 W , below you can see what this charger looks like:

You can also try to find a compatible cable and charger, but make sure that the cable is the same type (from USB-C to Lightning connector) and that the charger is type-c with more than 18W

Decrease device activity

You may still notice a slight drop in charging speed even with a good charger, if this happens try leaving the device idle while charging or lower the brightness while using it. You can also turn off the data to see if things are getting better.

Try turning off the device while charging

If the problem is not solved by buying a new charger and changing the USB data cable, why not turn off your device and check if there is an app causing this problem on your device? In fact, some apps can quickly drain your battery when running in the background, even when not in use, which can also lead to slow battery charging. Therefore, turning off the phone while charging prevents the app from running and the phone can charge itself quickly.

Uninstall unused apps from your mobile device

If you have unnecessary apps on your device, apps that you no longer use, most apps often run in the background, even when not in use or minimized. Well, why leave them? Uninstall them and free them from your activities on your device. Keep in mind that the more apps you have, the more power your phone will consume.

Hardware problem or advanced troubleshooting

This slow charge in your type of Apple device could be a more advanced hardware problem such as a defective connector or a battery with problems, so if none of the above has helped you, I advise you to take your iPhone to a specialized technician so that I can solve the problem

To finish, I’m going to put a very good video on how to check charging problems on your iPhone and possible solutions if your iPhone charges very slowly.

Do you have any more ideas on how to fix iPhone fast charging? Do you have any doubt? You can put it in the comments.


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