The original My Friend Pedro is one of those games that you sometimes want to return to. Sometime later, after a year or two, when everything had already begun to be forgotten, suddenly there was a desire to feel again like a cool hero of a spectacular action movie. Fans probably would not mind the addition with new levels, but instead, the developers took up My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge – a similar project, but for mobile platforms.


Banana Driven

The essence is the same: the nameless hero wakes up in an unknown place and sees in front of him a flying talking banana, who asks to find his missing family. We have to go through three dozen levels and save all the poor fellows, simultaneously shooting a couple of hundred opponents. And not just by shooting, but by doing it beautifully – otherwise it would not have been My Friend Pedro .

Dialogues, as usual, only take up time.

The controls are very simple. With the left virtual stick, we indicate the direction where the main character will jump or roll. The dots show the trajectory of the jump, and in my case, the hero always landed where I wanted. And by simply pressing the screen, we shoot at the selected place – at the enemy, at the canister or somewhere else.

The gameplay of Ripe of Revenge is similar to the original, although the gameplay has undergone some changes. Time slows down every time the enemy comes into view, and a scale appears around him – as soon as it dries up, the enemy will shoot and will definitely hit you. To win, it is enough to click on it, at the first levels – only once, and later – several.

Enemies are not disturbed by the sound of shots until they see you.

The authors tried to make each level unique, including using ideas from the first My Friend Pedro . So get ready to jump on cables, break glass in a jump, ride a skateboard, and so on. Without a frying pan, from which bullets bounce off, it was also not without – cleaning rooms in this way is no less fun than before. It’s a pity, some of the levels are too short – as soon as you get a taste, the screen with the results is already displayed.

Not that kind of action movie

Of course, Ripe of Revenge loses to the original in graphics. In many ways, My Friend Pedro was hard to take your eyes off thanks to the picture: red clouds after the shots, dust rising, flying crates – everything looked very stylish. Here, the characters are caricatured, and the environment is very poor. The game offers pure gameplay to the still cool music, and now it only fascinates with mechanics, not entertainment.

What’s really bad for mobile is motorcycle rides. The graphics in them look even more shameful than in the platform episodes, and the gameplay is too primitive – the bike rides itself, we just need to go around the walls made of boards (where do they come from at all?) And from time to time shoot at enemies. There are three such trips in the whole game, and the first two do not differ in any way.

Well, what is it?

Most disappointing is the duration – all 36 levels are completed in a little over an hour. Three of them are races, and three more are the shooting of boxes in search of banana relatives, so you can jump and shoot only in thirty missions. Yes, they are very diverse – they will give new weapons (machine gun, rocket launcher, shotgun, and so on), then they will offer interesting mechanics, which are often found in only one episode. But still there is little content – the original took about four hours.

Additional entertainment includes attempts to knock out three stars at each level. To gain a lot of points, you need to hold the combo, quickly moving from one enemy to another. And then you can switch to the “Fever” mode, where the timer also appears. But there is nothing new there – you go through all the same, only try not to make unnecessary pauses and jump in time.

Screenshots are not as cool as in the original.

Since My Friend Pedro: Ripe for Revenge is distributed as a shareware model, there is nothing stopping you from downloading it and trying out the first levels. But keep in mind that the full version of the game is very short, and the bonus entertainment does not exactly encourage you to spend extra time in it. The idea is good, the controls are convenient, the situations are varied, but if you miss the game, you won’t lose anything at all – it’s better to replay the original.

Pros: convenient control; various levels; great music.

Cons: too short overall duration, and some hilarious levels are criminally short; motorcycle chases are plain and boring; not the best visual style.

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