My cat wakes me up. Know the main causes!

It is very common for cats to have habits that seem strange to us. You may wonder why does my cat wake me up ? And this can have several reasons that will depend on different factors. The main indicator is the time of day your cat wakes you up.

They are pets with a particular personality that governs their habits. For this reason, it is important to know them, to know what their temperament and natural customs are. This is the only way in which we will be able to establish actions that allow us to educate them efficiently.

My cat’s personality wakes me up

In this case, the genetics of the cats is what determines their way of acting . That is, each of his habits are predisposed by factors that are alien to him and, therefore, are very difficult if not impossible to change.

For this reason, although it is true that cats are considered pets, they inevitably have genetic markings that we will not change. Some of these brands are:

Time habits: they love the night and are much more active during those hours.

Food: within their hours of activity is that they will be hungry and look for food. Therefore, it is important to know that they will look for you if they are hungry.

Extroverts: by nature these are playful and very energetic animals. Also, they are curious and everything attracts their attention.

Self-sufficient – Cats are generally believed to be independent, but that’s only part of the truth. They are self-sufficient as long as they are not hungry or need something that you can give them and after they get it, they will just leave and we will not hear from them until they have a new need.

Causes why my cat wakes me up

We must be totally clear that if they wake us up it is for some reason. Either because it is part of his personality and behavior or because he really needs us. In many cases it is important to be vigilant, especially if we take into account the previous approach.

My cat wakes me up because he is hungry

Hunger is the most common cause for which the cat wakes us up and only we can meet that need.

We should never think that, being hunters, they will naturally look for food and now … This does not work that way because they were raised as pets, from the first day we teach them that the food bowl is provided by us.

The option in this case is to leave the container ready with your favorite food and so it will not look for you, but for the longed-for bowl.

He likes the game

It may be that he just needs to play, and he needs you to do it because you created that habit in him. You must bear in mind that if during the day you are caressing him and at the same time you dedicate part of your time to the game, the logical thing is that sometimes he wants to play even though you are asleep.

Check for pathologies

The second most common reason for waking up is that you are sick. A veterinary check-up will serve to check his health.

Going to the vet is important when they decrease their physical activity, the cat does not stop meowing, slows the pace of play, does not jump, irritated eyes, sad mood, breathing problems, stops feeding, does not drink …

Some object or animal attracts you

It may happen that your cat only sees something in your bed that catches its attention and it is not necessarily you. For this reason, he pounces on it to play and inadvertently wakes you up.

The recommendation is that you look in your room and see if some of his favorite toys are there. Also, it confirms that there is not something always hanging that attracts, worries or seduces him to give free rein to his curiosity. Also watch that there are no insects in your cabin, it sure motivates the minimum to hunt them.


Most important of all, you should know your cat and worry about knowing what he is like. Their personality cannot be changed because it is part of their genetic makeup. So the remedy is to adapt to their needs and give them that much-needed valuable care. Of course, without rude it, otherwise the actions may be irreversible.


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