What Is Meant By Music Is Not Seen But heard And Felt?

Music is not seen,but heard and felt. That which we see is dead material if considered apart from the thing musical characters represent. It is only the sense of hearing and feeling that can truly apprehend and appreciate music. We hear through the auditory nerves and by vibratory sensation. All pitches the ear can determine we easily hear, but we must feel. This may be demonstrated by sitting in an auditorium when the lower notes of a great organ are being sounded; the rumble is felt and the vibration finally produces a pitch perception in the musical mind. This is feeling pitch.

There are two kinds of musical people; those whose musical talent, either theoretical or practical, is natural—the so-called bom musicians; and those who acquire musical ability by dint of hard study. Frequently the former never advance further than the limitations of their natural gift, whilst the latter—less favored— to?, fight state of proficiency. In almost every music class these two are present, and the teacher is faced with the task of arousing the former sufficiently to enable them to realize they have an aid to natural talent and that the presence of this aid is a demand for its use. The aid is the brain. The mind is always open to receive new truth. Music, therefore, may be appreciated through the intellect as well as through the ear.


by Abdullah Sam
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