Mullvad VPN Netflix: Does it work? How do I unblock Netflix?

  • Mullvad VPN is great for torrenting, anti-censorship, and safe internet browsing, as it does its best to keep you anonymous. But it is not optimized for Netflix.
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Numerous users turn to VPN services only to unblock Netflix libraries that are not available in their countries. And many unsubscribe as soon as they discover that their VPN isn’t working with Netflix.

If you’re interested in Mullvad VPN for Netflix , we’re here to help you decide if it’s worth the $ 5 a month for free. We test their servers to see if they can unblock Netflix libraries, especially Netflix US.

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  • Everything you need to know about Mullvad VPN for Netflix
  • Does Mullvad VPN work with Netflix?
    • How do I unblock Netflix?
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Everything you need to know about Mullvad VPN for Netflix

Mullvad VPN is a premium VPN service that masks your IP address and protects your identity online. It’s probably the most privacy-conscious VPN service you can find on the web.

Mullvad is so determined to preserve your anonymity on the internet that it is one of the few VPN apps without logging.

Normally when you get a VPN, you have to sign up with an email address. This is the case of Hola VPN for Netflix. But Mullvad VPN makes an exception.

Instead of asking you to sign up, it generates a random account number that will be used to associate you with the Mullvad VPN service.

What happens if you lose your account number? Easy: you lose access to your account as there is no way for Mullvad to find out who you are.

Does Mullvad VPN work with Netflix?

Unfortunately, Mullvad VPN is not specially designed for streaming services like Netfix. Some Mullvad VPN servers work temporarily with Netflix, but it’s mostly a guessing game.

On the other hand, you can use Mullvad VPN for privacy and security. It can help you bypass censorship and download torrents safely while remaining anonymous.

How do I unblock Netflix?

The best way to unblock Netflix is ​​by using a VPN service whose IP addresses are not on Netflix’s blacklist. And, one of the best in the business is Private Internet Access (PIA) .

Created by Kape Technologies, Private Internet Access can unblock Netflix and other streaming services like Hulu. It has 3,200+ servers in 45 countries (a larger network than Mullvad VPN), so there is always a new VPN IP address that you can hide to avoid Netflix blocking.

PIA is intuitive enough to be used by beginners. It automatically finds the closest server to give you the best possible speed, and it also shows the ping time of each server. Therefore, you can easily find the fastest server in a specific country using low latency.

You can unlock the best Netflix libraries with PIA, including:

  • Netflix EE . USA : +1,500 servers (14 locations)
  • Netflix UK : +180 servers (3 locations)
  • Netflix Canada : +240 servers (3 locations)
  • Netflix Australia : +55 servers (3 locations)

Private internet access

Unlocks Netflix libraries to help you watch your favorite movies and TV series.

$ 2.85 / month Buy it now

A VPN has numerous benefits. You can use it to hide your IP address, protect your online privacy, unblock Netflix, and set up a VPN between two computers at home or at work.

Mullvad VPN is a great VPN solution for protecting your online privacy and securing your browsing sessions, but it is unreliable when it comes to unblocking streaming services like Netflix.

And private internet access is simply better in this regard. However, you can try both services to find out for yourself which one is the best fit and which VPN works with Netflix.

FAQ: Learn more about Mullvad VPN

  • Can I stream Netflix with Mullvad?

You can give it a try, but Mullvad VPN is not optimized for Netflix streaming. Take a look at the best free VPN for Netflix.

  • Is Mullvad good for torrenting?

Yes, Mullvad VPN is a great option for torrenting as it can keep you anonymous while downloading and uploading torrents.

  • Is Mullvad safe?

Mullvad offers one of the most secure VPN solutions. It is ideal for defeating censorship and torrenting while remaining anonymous. It is compatible with OpenVPN, WireGuard, Shadowsocks, and Tor.


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