Move Minecraft Worlds from Xbox 360 to Xbox One

Did you know that you can move your Minecraft worlds from Xbox 360 to Xbox One? Completely without either USB sticks or hard drives? How to do it!

If you played Minecraft on Xbox 360 , you’ve probably created a lot of cool worlds. If you then upgrade to Xbox One , it might also be fun to be able to transfer all your worlds to your new console. With the latest update of Minecraft , it is also perfectly possible to do just that!

The following applies to moving Minecraft worlds from Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition to Minecraft: Xbox One Edition . You need access to both consoles to make the move.

Copy Minecraft Worlds from Xbox 360 to One

Copying Worlds Between Xbox 360 and Xbox One – versions of Minecraft are made by uploading one world at a time to your Xbox Live account from Xbox 360 . Once the world is uploaded, you can download it to your Xbox One . The process then needs to be repeated for each world you want to move. There is currently no way to move multiple worlds simultaneously. Note that you need to be logged in with the same Xbox Live user on both consoles to be able to move worlds.

Before you can access the copy worlds feature, you need to make sure that  Minecraft , for both Xbox 360 and Xbox One , is updated to the latest version. This is most easily done by simply making sure that the consoles are connected to the Internet . Then start Minecraft on each console. If there is a new update, the game itself tells you directly about this.

Step 1. Upload the world from Xbox 360

  1. Once both games are up to date, launch Minecrafton Xbox 360 . Select Play Game .
  2. Navigate to the world you want to start by moving to Xbox Oneand press Y (Save Options) .
  3. Then select the Upload Save For Xbox Oneoption .
  4. Tap Upload Saveto start uploading the saved file for the selected world to your Xbox Live profile . Charging takes different lengths of time depending on how fast your Internet connection is and how big the world you are uploading is.

Step 2. Download the world to Xbox One

  1. Once the world is loaded, launch Minecraft on Xbox One. Then select Play .
  2. Now press X (Download Xbox 360 Savings File)to start downloading the uploaded world to the Xbox One version of the game.
  3. Downloading the world takes different lengths of time depending on your Internet connectionand the size of the world. When all is done, press A to finish charging.

Step 3. Transfer more worlds to Xbox One

To move more game worlds from Xbox 360 to Xbox One , you need to repeat the process for each world to be moved. As I said (and unfortunately) there is no way to move several worlds at once. But they need to be copied one by one. However, you can transfer as many worlds as you want!


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