Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – How to Become King (Found a Kingdom)

We tell you what you need to do in order to found your own kingdom and become a ruler in Bannerlord

In Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, you can gather a squad and destroy robbers, helping different settlements and cities, or you can join one of the factions, swearing allegiance to its lord. But, as you know, it is much better to be a king than to obey him. In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps to lead the state in Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord.

Where to find 10 Lords

The first step is to complete the main quest line. Specifically, you will need to find all 10 Lords located in different parts of the campaign map, and then talk to each of them. Typically, these lords rule over other kingdoms or are clan leaders.

The problem is that these lords are constantly moving around the map, traveling between different settlements or participating in battles, castle sieges. Worse, they are not marked on the map in any way, which means that players cannot simply zoom out and see their markers. Another unpleasant drawback – the names of the lords you need are not indicated in the quest, so you will have to find out on your own who exactly you need.

Only when you find one of the necessary lords, when approaching, you will notice a blue exclamation mark next to him

The most effective way to find these lords is to chat with ordinary nobles in the cities. In particular, you can visit the city’s castles, but to get inside, you will have to bribe the guards. When you ask a nobleman, indicating the current task, he will give the name of the lord with whom you need to talk. Once you get a name, you can learn more about it through the in-game encyclopedia (the N key by default). There you will find out where this lord was last seen. Having seen the desired city / settlement, find it through the same encyclopedia by clicking on the name. Click on the “Track” button and navigate to the desired location through the campaign map.

Please note that for the time while you move from one point to another, the desired lord will probably do the same. It all depends on how far you are from your destination. If the lord is not there, reopen the encyclopedia and repeat the process until you meet a character on the map (remind you that you are interested in the blue exclamation mark). Repeat these steps for each of the 10 lords. That is, each time you will need to visit different cities to try to get the name of the local ruler from the nobles.

Also keep in mind: if the lord you need is captured by another faction, then you simply will not be able to communicate with him. Will have to wait. If this happens, either go looking for another lord on a quest, or perform other actions (fight, complete side missions, and so on) until he is freed. Check the encyclopedia periodically to see if the lord’s location has changed. If so, he was released and now you can talk to him.

Second step

As soon as you find all 10 lords, you will be asked to chat with two people, each of whom will ask the player to find two parts of some important object. When you agree to fulfill the request of one of the NPCs, then you will be directed to the lair of robbers. It will be close to your chosen character. When you clear this lair, you will receive an item fragment as a reward.

After obtaining both parts, return to the quest giver, and then make an important decision. From the point of view of the subsequent process of creating the kingdom, it does not matter which option you choose. The decision is based only on the plot. At this point, the process itself will become lengthy and tedious, although you could already satisfy many of the conditions in the previous stages. The next part of the mission is to recruit 100 people into the army, become the owner of one of the settlements and upgrade the clan to the third level.

How to expand an army to 100, capture a settlement and raise a clan level

Recruiting 100 soldiers is the easiest task of all, but it can be difficult due to the current limit of your army. The size of the group (army) depends on the current level of the clan and at that moment the open passive skills. Increasing the maximum size of the army is, as it were, an ensuing task. This is another lengthy process. Thus, as soon as you raise the level of the clan or unlock skills so that the maximum allowable number exceeds 100 units, recruit soldiers. Just travel to different settlements (villages and cities) and recruit them through the “Recruit troops” tab (provided that you have enough currency to not only hire, but also maintain new troops).

Becoming the master of your settlement is another rather difficult task, especially given the early access of the game. It is best to capture a settlement after the number of your army exceeds the first hundred. The fact is that the siege takes a lot of time, and often you will also have to fight off the garrison of the city / castle and any allied troops that come for reinforcements. Since the AI ​​is capable of rebuilding its armies at a ridiculously high rate, it will have to prevail in a fair amount of battles. Please note that to attack someone’s army, you must fight with its faction. Today, the only way to declare war is to raid a faction’s village or attack its army on the campaign map. Surely, the situation may change in the next updates.

Finally, raising the level of a clan to the third is, on the one hand, easy, on the other, a painstaking process. To do this, you need to pump your fame, which can be achieved by completing side quests, participating and winning tournaments that are held in cities, and winning various battles. The most efficient way is the latter. The larger the opponent’s army is, especially if it has generals, the greater the increase in fame if it is defeated. On average, one battle can earn up to 60 fame points (and sometimes even higher). It all depends on the number of opponents.

Having received a clan of the third level, having hired 100 soldiers and becoming the owner of the settlement, you automatically get your own kingdom. Various diplomatic options become available to you, the ability to combine several parties to create a large army, and so on.

How to rule and expand the kingdom

After creating your own kingdom, you can expand it at any time. The main method of expansion is the conquest of neighboring territories. Siege castles and cities of the opposing factions, and then annex it to your kingdom. This is the only effective method. The main obstacle is the size of the kingdom of the hostile factions and the means they have at their disposal to confront the player. To provide yourself with a decent and strong army, you must learn how to manage cities and castles, expand their infrastructure.

The in-game manual does not teach you the process of army formation either. It will be possible to create them only after the foundation of your kingdom. Before that, players use so-called squads or parties. The batch can be expanded to a large size. In fact, it may even represent the only one available, and thus the main army. However, when the kingdom is formed, players can create a huge army by uniting several clan pariahs into one. We are talking about the squads you created under the control of companions.

But keep in mind that over time, the cohesion of the army will deteriorate, making the fighters less effective and creating the risk of desertion. Disbanding the army (that is, dividing it into the parties it was before unification) is a great way to avoid desertion and maintain morale.

An additional method of expanding the kingdom is associated with diplomacy. After the foundation of the kingdom, you will be able to exchange fiefs (territories) with other factions (provided that they are not fighting). However, this option requires a good investment, and therefore gains in relevance much later in the game, when you have more sources of daily income. Therefore, today the military seizure of territories is the most effective and simple method of expanding the kingdom.


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