Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – Guide to PvP Battles

Modes, maps and best units – here’s everything you need to know before playing multiplayer

In Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord, already in Early Access, you can compete with other players in the ability to swing weapons. At the moment, the game has four multiplayer modes and six factions (each has 7 unit classes). So far, there are no leaderboards in the game, but statistics and victory icons from 20 to 750 are available. In this guide, we will take a closer look at the multiplayer battles of Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord and give important tips which units you need to recruit to defeat other players online.


In this mode, players are divided into two teams of random factions of six. The goal of the match is to destroy all opponents or drain their morale. This can be done not only by killing, but also by capturing the flag. There are three flags in total, and each round lasts 10 minutes. The team that wins three rounds wins the match. For each round, a player can be revived no more than two times. If he died less than two or none at all, then the extra lives are transferred to the next round.

For each participation in the murder of the enemy, the player is given points for which he can purchase a unit. They are distributed depending on the damage done. The cheapest units are infantry recruits, and the most expensive are horsemen.

There are 3 unnamed maps in Skirmish: Battani-style urban, Imperial-style urban, and Aserai-style urban. Battania map has the narrowest streets and is more difficult to play with cavalry. Aseraian and Imperial maps are more spacious, so the infantry on them is vulnerable in most places.


In this mode, players are divided into two teams of random factions of 60 people each – one attacker and one defender. Unlike other modes, siege weapons are available in Siege: ram, tower, ladder, catapult, trebuchet and scorpion. All of them can be destroyed by the defenders of the castle, who also have a catapult and a scorpion.

  • Battering ram– breaks through the gates of the fortress. The more people control him, the faster he moves to the gate.
  • Tower and staircase– the movement mechanism is similar to a ram.
  • Catapult and trebuchetare difficult to control, since you need to aim, raising or lowering the height of the shot. They can shoot rocks and explosive shells.
  • Scorpionis easy to operate, and the scope works the same as when shooting from a bow.

The “siege” lasts 30 minutes, and the victory is won by the team that has depleted the enemy’s morale. If a character dies, he immediately respawns on the respawn. As in Skirmish, in Siege there are points with flags scattered throughout the fortress – there are seven flags in total. Also, the modes are united by the general mechanics of getting points and buying units.


In captain mode, two teams of random factions of six each command the units. The number of warriors under the command of the player depends on the type of unit. The battle lasts up to 3 victories in rounds, and unlike the “Skirmish” and “Siege”, here it is not necessary to have a lot of points to buy the best unit. In this case, in the event of death, the player can always take control of any of the surviving units.

Fight to the death

A mode with two teams of random factions of 50 people each. It only has one map and lacks the ability to capture flags. Instead, the players fight for 20 minutes, and the army with the most points wins. In this mode, each participation in a murder is awarded with points that can be spent on a stronger unit. After the death of a character, he immediately appears on the respawn, while you can always choose any of the units of the faction for which there are enough points.


The Empire is a fairly balanced faction, with good cavalry, shooters and decent melee infantry. However, individually, all of them are inferior to the strongest unit-type factions.

Best units and recommended inventory:

  • Legionnaire– improved armor and pilums;
  • Palatine Guardsman– improved armor, menaul;
  • Cataphract– agile horse, contos.


The only faction with crossbowmen. Vlandian Riflemen can reload with their back to enemy archers, thanks to the pavese – a special shield on the back. The Vlandians also have good cavalry and some of the best melee infantry with superior throwing weapons.


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