Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord – Best Weapon & Best Armor

What is the best weapon in the game, what armor will provide the highest protection and how much is the most expensive armor for a war horse – we will tell you in a detailed guide

In Mount & Blade 2: Bannerlord there are several hundred varieties of weapons, armor and other items, so it will be difficult to sort out which of them – the best. To compare all these items of equipment, we had to use cheats that open access to all the items added to the game. It will be difficult to find most of the following things without “cheating”. Perhaps some are only in the code, but do not appear in real locations.

Note. For each item from the article there is a picture with parameters and average cost.

Best one-handed weapon

The best one-handed weapon in Bannerlord is a sword called the Thamaskene Steel Spatha. It has a decent hitting range and deals high damage. It is an expensive item, but every gold coin invested in it is worth it.

  • Weight – 5
  • Slash Speed ​​- 88
  • Slash Damage – 75
  • Stabbing speed – 90
  • Piercing Damage – 51
  • Cost – 16 632dinars

Best two-handed weapon

In this category, the best weapon is again the Damascus item, the Thamaskene Steel Two-Hander. The range is identical to a one-handed Damascus sword. On the other hand, weapons are faster and do more damage. Side impact damage is 40 points higher than that of a one-handed sword. If you don’t like using shields, then be sure to pay attention to this two-handed sword.

Best One-Handed Polearm

If you are interested in the shield + polearm combination, then ideally you should use a spear called the Fine Steel Hewing Spear. It deals decent damage, has a large hitting range and good attack speed. These are the best weapons to pair with your shield!

  • Weight – 1
  • Stabbing speed – 79
  • Piercing Damage – 37
  • Cost – 9240dinars

Best Two-Handed Polearm

Again, if you are not interested in shields, then take a look at the romafea. This polearm has a lower hitting range than the spear described above, but it can deal a whopping 169 damage in one hit. This is enough to make any infantryman get scared, turn around and run away.

  • Weight – 4
  • Stabbing speed – 69
  • Piercing Damage – 169
  • Cost – 1779dinars

Best throwing weapon

With five of these throwing items, you can destroy even the most powerful enemy units. And if you don’t want to scatter these spears, then use one of them as a one-handed weapon. Jereed is the best throwing weapon in Bannerlord. It deals huge damage and is characterized by high accuracy. There is another great throwing weapon – southern darts. However, they come in stacks of 3, and jids – 5 at once!

  • Weight – 0
  • Flight speed – 28
  • Damage – 121
  • Accuracy – 92
  • Stack size – 5
  • Cost – 1779dinars

Best bow

The best bow in Bannerlord is the Noble Long Bow. It has the coolest parameters in comparison with other weapons in this category, and in order to master it, you will have to pump your bow skill to 70. This is an extremely expensive weapon (288,070 coins). In the game, I have not yet encountered goods of such value. Apparently, it should be dropped by various characters, since to date I have not seen it in any of the in-game stores.

  • Weight – 8
  • Requirement – bow skill not lower than 70
  • Arrow speed – 85
  • Rate of fire – 91
  • Damage – 95
  • Accuracy – 99
  • Cost – 288,070dinars

Best arrows

Piercing (armor-piercing) arrows are the best in the game. Unfortunately, their stack is small compared to other arrows. In this regard, perhaps a smarter solution would be to use an arrow with a “Bodkin” tip, since there are many more of them in one stack (for one shot damage from piercing ones is higher, but for the whole battle thanks to a more capacious stack you will do much more damage).

  • Weight – 9
  • Arrow speed – 85
  • Stack size – 23
  • Damage – 4
  • Accuracy – 100
  • Cost – 8565dinars

Best crossbow

To date, there are relatively few crossbows in the game. Moreover, I was able to find only one of them in stores. But a much better copy was found in the game files – Bound Crossbow. Its characteristics are slightly better than other crossbows.

  • Weight – 0
  • Requirement – crossbow skill not less than 50
  • Arrow speed – 97
  • Rate of fire – 63
  • Damage – 117
  • Accuracy – 100
  • Cost – 259,263dinars

Best shield

The round shield made of steel is more convenient and quick to handle, has a better hitbox and strength in comparison with other specimens.

  • Weight – 0
  • Speed ​​- 82
  • Durability – 580
  • Cost – 33 782dinars

Best helmet

This helmet may sound familiar. You may have noticed it on the heads of some of the lords that can be found in the game. It comes as no surprise that it is considered the best. Especially considering the protection it provides – 58 units of armor.

  • Weight – 7
  • Protection (head) – 58
  • Cost – 133 510dinars

Best Shoulders

Some gamers forget about the shoulder slot as it wasn’t in Warband, but it does give a nice boost to chest and trunk protection in general. The best item you can place in this slot is the Highland Warlord Pauldrons, which give 20 points for torso protection and 10 points for hand protection. And those shoulder pads look pretty damn cool!

  • Weight – 0
  • Defense (body) – 20
  • Defense (hands) – 10
  • Cost – 17 130dinars

Best Armor (Chest)

At first, it will be difficult for you to find new items of equipment. You can spend a week in the game before discovering an item that is better than the early armor. Imperial Scale Armor is the best armor in Bannerlord! It provides impressive body protection (50 points) and adds 20 points each to the arms and legs. This armor will reflect most missed hits.

  • Weight – 7
  • Defense (body) – 50
  • Defense (hands) – 20
  • Protection (legs) – 20
  • Cost – 604 946dinars

Best hand protection

Lamellar Plate Gauntlets are the coolest in the game. You can buy them or get them as loot. If you find the best armor for each slot, you can boost your hand protection to an incredible 62!

  • Weight – 8
  • Defense (hands) – 32
  • Cost – 10,907dinars

Better foot protection

The best leg armor is lamellar plate boots. Bannerlord does not generally have a lot of armor aimed at protecting the legs. Hopefully, the developers will soon add many more types of armor.

  • Weight – 5
  • Protection (legs) – 32
  • Cost – 7674dinars

Best horse armor

If you are already developing your own empire with might and main or are seriously engaged in business, having bought several workshops and caravans, you can afford the most expensive (and also the best) horse armor. The Imperial Scale Barding armor will give your mount 67 units of protection, but you will have to outbid the price tag of ~ 250,000 dinars!


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