Motion sickness:10 natural remedies to relieve nausea

The sickness , also known as motion sickness or motion sickness , and seasickness are quite common annoyances for travelers, both in adults and in children.

Travel sickness in general affects the centers of balance, with particular reference to the eye and ear, and the nerve impulses they send to the brain. Dizziness, nausea and vomiting may appear. Here are some useful natural remedies to refer to before and during your departure.


  • Ginger
  • Anti-nausea bracelets
  • Peppermint essential oil
  • Bach flowers
  • Supply
  • Homeopathy
  • Herbal teas
  • Apple juice
  • Mints
  • Saffron


The ginger is one of the best known natural remedies to prevent and relieve nausea . Try drinking ginger tea before you leave, or take some ginger bits or ginger candies with you to take on the trip. Alternatively, you can pour two or three drops of ginger essential oil on a handkerchief and breathe in its aroma when needed.

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Anti-nausea bracelets

At the pharmacy you can buy anti-nausea bracelets suitable for both adults and children to prevent motion sickness and seasickness. The anti-nausea bracelets use the principle of acupressure. They exert specific pressure on a point (called P6) present between the tendons of the wrist and act in such a way as to allay nausea.

Peppermint essential oil

The essential oil expert pharmacist Danièle Festy in the guide “My Bible of essential oils” suggests putting a drop of peppermint essential oil (for adults) or ginger essential oil (for children) on half a sugar cube to let melt in the mouth when necessary. The remedy is recommended for motion sickness and other means of transport.

Bach flowers

The flower therapy recommended Bach flower n. 28 Scleranthus as a natural remedy for motion sickness. It is considered useful to allay the vertigo associated with traveling on means of transport. This Bach flower facilitates adaptation to new situations, gives a good balance and helps to move with confidence. It is recommended among the natural remedies to pack before leaving for the holidays.


Natural medicine suggests that those suffering from motion sickness or seasickness eat lightly before leaving. In particular, foods that cause fermentation, such as cheeses, fatty foods, foods that are too sugary should be avoided. It may be useful to have breakfast with toast or crackers, suitable to take with you while traveling. Better to eliminate carbonated drinks and choose lightly seasoned dishes.


The natural remedy recommended by homeopathy for seasickness and travel sickness is Cocculus . The dose is 5 granules one hour before leaving and then again just before departure. Then you can still take it every half hour or every hour depending on the nausea present during the trip. Other homeopathic remedies for motion sickness are Petroleum and Nux Vomica. Here more information.

Herbal teas

To calm the nausea while traveling, if you have the opportunity, stop for a break and drink a hot herbal tea that can be beneficial for the stomach, for example a chamomile. You may also want to consider bringing herbal tea in a thermos with you. Try to avoid sodas, drinks with ice and glasses of water that are too cold. Drink water at room temperature.

Apple juice

Before leaving, do not skip breakfast . Have a light breakfast which you can combine with a glass of apple juice , which will help you with its natural sugar intake and hydration during the trip. Bring some apple juice with you to drink as soon as you feel the symptoms approach. Better to avoid orange juice, which can bother an already upset stomach.


If you do not have suitable peppermint essential oil available to add to half a cube of sugar as explained above, Professor David J. Hufford of Penn State University suggests that you bring some mints with you on the trip, which you can use. also for children, as soon as you feel the symptoms of illness.


Natural medicine, with reference to Ayurveda , suggests saffron as a natural remedy for motion sickness. You can try to prepare an herbal tea to drink before departure or to take with you in a thermos. Just dissolve a pinch of saffron in a cup of boiling water, mix and sweeten to taste. The active ingredients of saffron are antiemetics, i.e. suitable in case of vomiting, and are considered useful in case of car sickness. Here more information.


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