Mother’s Day Gifts: Complete Guide

The Mother’s Day began to be celebrated in the United States on several different dates. However, here in Brazil, the date was established on the second Sunday of May.

But regardless of where and when, what really matters is to honor these incredible women.

To help you surprise your mom in style, we have prepared a list of everything you need to make Mother’s Day  unforgettable.

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Mother’s Day Gift Tips up to R $ 50

Some people even get distressed on these holidays because they don’t have a lot of money to buy a mega gift . However, there is no need to spend a lot of money to make the most important person in your life proud.

Often, a simple gesture, a handmade card, a word of affection, a hug, or even a phone call, are enough to convey your affection.

But, if the idea is to give a nice gift – besides all the love, of course! – we selected some suggestions that cost up to 50 reais ! And the best thing is that, buying with Méliuz , you still get back part of the value of the gift. This is the perfect union between the useful and the pleasant.


If your mother likes to read, she will be super happy to win a good book. In a good bookstore, you will find different options with very attractive prices.

The Extraordinary bestseller  is an excellent choice for mothers who like an emotional and sensitive story. This, combined with a protagonist full of courage to discover the world, is the perfect recipe for spending time enjoying your own company and disconnecting from real life.

If your mother enjoys fiction and dystopian stories, O Conto da Aia , which gave rise to the series “The Handmaid’s Tale”, is a good choice that promises suspense and reflection while reading.

For those who like self-help, reflection and self-knowledge, the book Other ways to use your mouth is short and intense. It is one of those to devour quickly and spend days reflecting on the diverse poems of Rupi Kaur.

Princess Saves Yourself In This Book , by Amanda Lovelace, presents an exciting journey of female self-knowledge, ideal for mothers who like to study the subject and get in touch with themselves.

However, if your mom likes to cook, cookbooks can yield thanks and tastier lunches.

The Pop Kitchen – The 100 Best Gastronomic Scenes of Cinema and TV Series unites the tasty to the fun and brings recipes that were famous for appearing in films and series.

But remember, the gift can be a good excuse for you to join your mom in the kitchen or even surprise her with a special lunch. After all, Mother’s Day is all of them!

When choosing the ideal book for your mother, consider her style as well as the subjects she is interested in. No generic stories. Enjoy that you know your mother well and give her something worthy of those who have known her for a long time.

Beauty products

If your mom likes beauty care , body and face products are a great bet.

Moisturizing cream, makeup, perfumes and other beauty items are traditional, but they are always well received (and useful)!

Try to find fragrances that please your mother and products that she really uses. So, you are sure that she will love it!

If you want to invest a little more, assemble a kit with your mother’s favorite products.

Custom objects

Personalized mugs and portrait albums are great gift options! But, be careful not to leave the thin line that exists creative and weird. A book with family photos,  for example, is a very significant gift, but a cap with your photo may not appeal.

If personalization is not a good option, but you still want a different and creative gift, bet on useful and cute products, such as pillows, water bottles and others.

Flowers and chocolates

This is a classic in terms of gifts. They are always well received by moms. But, you can vary and exchange the traditional bouquet for a plant in the pot, so that it can grow and care.

And, if possible, choose a special chocolate, which comes in a beautiful package. If you can, bet on an imported brand.

Some tips for you to find the ideal and inexpensive gift

  • Look for stores that sell products in different price ranges, so you increase your chances of finding what you are looking for.
  • Even in stores that work with products with higher prices, you may find something more affordable, with discounts. It costs nothing to check, right ?!
  • Always look for the best deals. Every store has a discounted session or outlet. Prices can be very attractive , especially on holidays, where competition is high and everyone wants to sell.
  • Search, walk, ask and haggle. Do not be ashamed to say how much you want to spend, so it’s even easier for the seller to help you.

Always keep in mind:

If the watchword is to save money, rest assured that there will always be an inexpensive gift option  that will fit right in your pocket. Just know where to look and negotiate.

Regardless of the value of the gift, your mother will be delighted with the gesture of love and affection. So don’t worry if the memory wasn’t worth what it deserves. In general, mothers don’t really care about that, but about the gesture itself.

Mother’s Day gifts for those who want to invest more

Smartphones, smart watches or e-readers

If you still don’t receive “good morning” every day with flower gifs, it means you need to give your mom a smartphone . You will see that she will find a thousand and one possible options of images to wish you a good day!

E-readers are for mothers who love to read! Instead of giving her several books, you can give her a Kindle .

Electronic readers are easy to use, lightweight and store hundreds of books. In addition, they are very practical for everyday life.

You carry it easily in the bag, you can read wherever you are with or without internet; do away with that annoying task of taking them all off the shelf to clean (no dust, no allergy!); and buy new books on the device, with a single click.


Close your eyes and imagine your mother with a sincere and cheerful smile. This is how she will react when you tell her about the trip they will take on Mother’s Day weekend.

Not far away, not expensive. You can choose a nearby town, but full of charms. Sometimes, 1 or 2 hours by car is more than enough.

Search for places that have good tourist attractions, different leisure activities, in addition, of course, good restaurants.

Gift alternatives for Mother’s Day

If you want to get a little out of the ordinary, you can also opt for family programs to celebrate that special date!

If you are out of ideas to organize a more than special Mother’s Day in the family, don’t worry, as we have unmissable tips for you to surprise the most important woman in your life and organize the date the way she deserves.

Mother’s Day Breakfast

Make breakfast, or prepare a special basket, and take it to your mother’s room, taking her by surprise. Take the time to fill her with hugs and kisses. In fact, be sure to mention how important it is to you and how you admire it.

Coffee in bed or on the table?

This is a decision that you need to make. Taking a coffee in bed is much more surprising and special, but it also implies having to wake her up.

If you prefer not to, you can leave the table ready for the moment when your mother decides to leave the room.

Another thing you need to consider is that preparing coffee at the table is much more work. This is because you must arrange and decorate the entire table and not just a tray with individual portions of each food.

To take coffee in bed, you must wake up early and make sure your mother is asleep while you prepare everything, to take everything fresh and with the coffee warm.

If the coffee is placed on the table, it can be difficult to predict the time it will arrive to see everything ready and it can be more complicated to keep everything warm until now. So, don’t forget to think about all this logistics.


If it is to prepare a breakfast, it has to be full of flavors and colors! Choose your mother’s favorite fruits and leave them available for her to enjoy.

Give preference to natural juices and very refreshing, to give energy to her day. So, choose the fruits carefully, to make sure they will be quite tasty.

Breads and side dishes

Breads, toast, cheese breads, cakes … choose the best options! But, don’t forget the side dishes, when necessary. Turkey breast, cheese, curd, jam, granola, oats… there are so many options!

Plates, glasses and cutlery: choose the best!

No taking that glass of curd in the cupboard!

Look for the most beautiful glasses, the best dishes and the cutlery that your mother keeps for special occasions. That date deserves it!

Use and abuse the best you have available. In addition to showing how special she is, the crockery will even help to compose a beautiful table to surprise her.


You can’t just think about food, right? A special table deserves a special ornamentation. Put a bouquet chosen specially for her on the table. Thus, the table gains an extra beauty and your mother receives a beautiful gift!

Family lunch

Lunch is one of the most anticipated moments of Mother’s Day.

It is at this time that you should strive to prepare different and tasty dishes.

If you choose to have a family lunch, don’t leave everything until the last minute. Mother’s day deserves to be scheduled in advance, so be sure to organize lunch with a few hours left.

We made this guide for you to prepare as soon as possible. So, reserve an extra buck to follow our tips.

The menu

Forget the “beans and rice”! Mother’s Day is the date to prepare that recipe worthy of the best restaurants in the world.

If you don’t do well in the kitchen, ask for help from a friend, someone from your family or even order ready meals. The important thing is to escape the obvious and surprise at the table.


In addition to the recipes, it is essential to choose drinks according to the chosen dish.

If your choice is pasta, you can bet on red wines; if the choice is a salmon, the white wine combines and goes very well as an accompaniment.

But, if your mom likes a good beer , prepare a barbecue.

Serve your mother

Demonstrate that she doesn’t have to work at all on the special day and let her sit while you serve her. Do everything to make her feel cared and special as she is.

Wash the dishes

This point may seem funny, but mothers are like this: they cannot see something messy that they are already doing that way.

Then, after lunch, go and wash the dishes while she talks to the rest of the family.

Capriche in the dessert

After lunch, be sure to serve the long-awaited (and desired) dessert. Try to prepare something different, avoiding the trivial.

If you choose the traditional ice cream, how about preparing a syrup to give a good boost? Or, prepare a delicious warm brownie and bet on this irresistible duo.

Family program

For this day it is interesting to think of creative ideas to make the party, even if the celebration is indoors.

Some fun options to liven up the whole family are: karaoke, putting everyone to dance to classical music, playing and making fun games and what to serve to mingle guests and generate good laughs.

Family cinema

At the end of the afternoon, when everyone is tired, a good tip is to bet on a movie with an afternoon coffee full of flavor.

Do not forget that this day is dedicated to your mother, so, nothing to choose films that she does not like. If her favorite genre is romance, prepare the scarves and join the same wave.

Special surprise

Of course, in addition to the fun activities, there has to be that amazing moment that will tear your mother’s tears.

You can pay a special tribute, singing that exciting song, telling your story or even making a video full of humor, photos and statements for the one that is so important in your life.

Gift for mom

Mother’s Day cannot be without gifts. So, choose something that your mother likes a lot and play a game with the family before handing over the souvenir.

If you have other mothers and children at your party, you can make a game for each mother to find out what her gift is, with some tips that the children will give.

For each mistake, they will have to pay a gift (or mico!). This activity is very fun and they will love the guessing game.

End the day in style

Gather everyone involved before ending the celebration and make a short speech saying everything your mother means to you.

Ah! Get ready, because, surely, she will be so moved that the tears will mix with the smiles of happiness for having won such a special day.

Mother’s Day Messages and Cards

Special elements

Look for cards that bring elements that your mother likes. If your mother loves flowers, for example, look for cards that bring images of flowers and plants of your mother’s preference.

Be creative

how about creating a card with images of your family, brothers, in special moments with your mother?

Write with your heart

You can choose to write the message, rather than looking for ready messages from the internet. So let your heart speak and express your gratitude and love on the card.

Be simple, true and direct. Certainly, your gesture, above all, will make your mother very happy.

Mother’s Day Gifts You Shouldn’t Give

Check out the gifts that (almost) all mothers have already received, but that they didn’t always like.

Household appliances and goods

Mixer, blender, cutlery, pot set, electric pot, stove, refrigerator.

Of course, this type of gift may even please, but, in fact, it is an item for the home and for use by everyone who lives in it, right ?!

The same goes for bed, bath and table items . Although it is possible to find home, table and bath clothes with special customizations  for Mother’s Day, this does not mean that it is a great gift.

Curiosity: origin of Mother’s Day

The oldest reference to Mother’s Day celebrations is from Greek mythology, as it celebrates the entrance of spring, in honor of Rhea, the Mother of the Gods.

Already in the United States, it was in 1858 that began to be designed what would become Mother’s Day. This year, activist Ann Maria Reeves Jarvis created the Mothers Days Works Clubs , to try to help decrease child mortality in working families.

In 1865, the same activist organized Mother’s Friendship Days . This initiative aimed to improve the condition of the wounded in the American Civil War.

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