Moss cultivation in the roof garden

Cucumber is one of the vegetables used in our diet chart. Most people in our country love this vegetable. These vegetables are rich in many nutrients.


Its scientific name is Cucumis sativus . It includes the family of Cucurbitasia. The cucumber is somewhat cylindrical in appearance and the dark green outside is filled with white and seeds inside, sometimes turning red inside when ripe.


Contains 5 grams per gram of food –
Aqueous portion – 5%
Amount – .5 grams
whites – 2.5 grams of
calcium – 5 grams of
iron – 1.2 grams of
carotene – 5 micrograms of
vitamin C – 1 grams

Quality of health 

Although calorie intake is low in the grain, it is high in water and contains essential vitamin and mineral salts. It is better to eat with raspberries, as there are more vitamins in the raspberries.


The grains contain sufficient antioxidants such as flavonoids, tannins that help to prevent chronic diseases.


Cereal contains 3% aqueous parts that help the body hydrate.


Helps to lose weight as it is very low in calories. Therefore, those who think that the stomach is getting bigger or the body is tired, they should eat regular moss daily.


Cucumber helps reduce blood glucose levels and helps cure the complications of diabetes.


Grains contain plenty of water and ash that helps prevent constipation and digestion.


Cucumber is mainly used as a salad. It is also cooked as a vegetable with various curries such as shrimp or hilsha fish. In many countries it is preserved by conduct. And different fastfood burgers, sandwich mushroom slices are used.


In addition, girls are used as mouth packs or toners in domestic practice. In addition, one piece slice of grain is sufficient to reduce the dark circles under the eyes.


Currently, some varieties of varieties are cultivated in Bangladesh, most of which are hybrids of foreign varieties. BADC produces two local varieties namely Baramassi and Patiya Giant. Besides, some private vegetables production companies of Bangladesh have already made many varieties of pure varieties as well as hybrid sugarcane varieties. Various varieties of corn are cultivated locally in our country. Lucky 1 and so on. Currently many hybrid varieties of hybrid varieties are available in the market in our country.

Opportune time

The crop is mainly grown from February to March.

Cultivation method

Cucumber is mainly suitable for two-tier soil.

  • Good quality mustard seeds should be collected from any good nursery. After that the seeds should be soaked in water for 24 hours.
  • The soil tub or medium sized pot should be pierced so that the water drains well. About 4 saplings can be planted in a medium sized tub.
  • Then mix the rotten dung with the soil.
  • Seedlings should be planted by double holes in the ground. If planted early in the afternoon, then it reduces the chance of death of saplings.
  • Then the soil will be pressed and given with water. Plastic paper should be spread over it so that it does not rain.


Cucumber is very sensitive to water. Therefore, water should be provided only if the amount of water in the ground is low.
Nuts / mat are provided around the moss tree if necessary.
Weeds need to be cleaned regularly.
Its soil has to be opened.
Fertilize the cucumber from time to time.
Cucumber is the protector of the disease, so pesticides should be provided to the tree if necessary.
And if the tree grows, it will need to be made to grow.


Usually after 3-5 months after planting the crop is harvested. Cucumber is to be cut with a knife.


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