Mosquito repellents for clothing: where to get it?

Mosquito repellents for clothing are the great unknown. We have talked many times about which are the best mosquito repellents , but we have always referred to the classic repellents to apply on the skin, not on clothing. In general, for “home mosquitoes”, we managed with these products.

However, there are two reasons why we need to expand our defense against insects:

  1. There are more and more “new bugs” living among us. Insects that until relatively few years ago did not give us many problems, such as the black fly or the tiger mosquito , today bring us down the path of bitterness. These insects can attack us all, but especially people who work in orchards or near ponds and rivers. For them, using mosquito repellents for clothing can be a very good option.
  2. Also in recent years there has been an increase in trips to exotic countries where insects are vectors of diseases  and in fact it is necessary to be vaccinated (although getting an appointment for international vaccination can be a real odyssey). For these intrepid travelers (or tourists with jungle forays), mosquito repellents for clothing can also be a good travel companion.

What is the best mosquito repellent for clothing?

In the international vaccination centers they deliver a piece of paper like this as a “prescription”, with the doctor’s signature and seal, so that a master formula can be prepared in the pharmacy.


The master formula consists of a 25% solution of permethrin in alcohol. From this solution the patient must extract 10ml and add them in one liter of water. It is recommended to use a spray type container.

How to use the mosquito repellent for clothing:

Spray the front of the clothes for a minute and a half at a distance of about 30cm. Be careful because 1.5 minutes is time. It is important that all areas are well impregnated and note that they are wet.

Then the operation is repeated turning the pants, socks and the inside of the shirt cuffs.

This solution is also indicated for spraying mosquito nets.

How many washes can the repellent hold on clothes?

Up to 4-6 washes. Then it would have to be repeated.

How much repellent do I have to put?

Keep in mind that 10ml is used to prepare a liter of repellent. With a liter of repellent, the maximum recommended garment is 3 shirts, 3 pants and 3 pairs of socks.

That is, if we want to impregnate 6 shirts, 6 pants and 6 pairs of socks, we would need 20ml. It is important to make the calculation by number of garments and travelers to avoid falling short. If the trip is long-lasting, it should also be borne in mind that as we have said, after 4-6 washes, the repellent is no longer effective.

Date of Expiry:

3 months for the concentrated solution (the one made in the pharmacy, not the one that is reconstituted at home).

How much does a mosquito repellent cost for clothing?

For this section I have requested the collaboration of two of my providers of official and reliable information, @susitravel and @tufarmaciaamiga.

For a 200ml solution the price is around € 25. With this solution we would have enough to prepare 20 liters of repellent (60 shirts, 60 pants and 60 pairs of socks). Since our vacations tend to be shorter, we can ask the pharmacy for 30ml solutions and, logically, the price will be lower (although not proportionally less, these solutions can cost around € 12).

The Apothecary’s Advice

Let’s not create ourselves superman. Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and other vermin are a reality (see the one that was rolled this year with the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever , that of the tick). These clothing repellents are effective for both mosquitoes and ticks.

Using physical barriers such as mosquito nets and long-sleeved clothing is mandatory if we travel to countries where there is a risk of transmission. This type of mosquito repellent for clothing, along with the usual topical repellents (DEET, IR3535) can always be a plus. As you have seen, it is not something especially expensive and we can owe it a lot. And if the bugs have already bitten you … don’t forget to take a look at the post with the best remedies for mosquito bites


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