Moonglow Bay: How to beat the Flashfish

Sea creatures are the subject of myth and legend on the streets of Moonglow Bay, and you will usually come across one at the culmination of the various chapters in the game’s story. Here we will explain how to beat the flash fish in Moonglow Bay .

How to beat the flash fish in Moonglow Bay

Flashfish can be found in the Waking Storm area of ​​the map, roughly east of Moonglow Bay. You won’t be able to unlock this boss encounter until you visit Abi’s Scraps and install the lightning rod on the front of your boat.

Once you’ve done that, head to the Waking Storm, an area of ​​water churned by a particularly grumpy fish, and when you get there it’s easy to see why – it’s got something stuck in the back. that conducts electricity and irritates it. It is up to you to remove the cane from his back and bring it in to calm him down.

When you arrive on the scene, the first thing to do is straighten any caps that have been tipped over. To do this, simply use your fishing rod to hook them up and then pull it out as if you were going to catch a fish.

Placing the beacons in place essentially calms the creature so that you can create a situation where it is possible to remove the rod from its back, but the dumbest thing is to take them all down and so for the rest of the battle you will have time to share. between trying to fish the rod and putting the beacons in a vertical position.

The trickiest part of the battle is getting the rod out of the Lightning Fish’s back. First, you must time the Lightning Fish’s movements so that it is parallel to the boat to get an angle to hit the rod, and then you must remove it from its back without breaking the line.

Unfortunately, as is the case throughout the game, the game doesn’t give you a lot of feedback or instructions on how the mechanics work, so you’ll find yourself hitting the line multiple times due to a voltage surge.

The goal is to fill the meter that you should see build up on the bar without the color of the line turning red (indicating that you are near the break point). Once the dipstick fills to the top and turns whitish, it should come out.

The trick to doing this without snagging the line is that you want to direct the rod in your movements to create slack. If the fish and the lightning rod are jumping to the left, direct your line to the left. Do not deviate from it. When the cane is directly towards you or away from you, it is safe to knock it out and try to roll it up. You should notice that the meter starts to fill up quickly when you do this; use the rate at which it fills. to guide you if you are doing the action correctly.

Make no mistake though, this is a painstaking mechanism that is not very intuitive and may take several tries to get it right.And that’s all you need to know about how to beat the flash fish in Moonglow Bay .

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