Moon Princess, rules and tips on the manga style slot

Fasten your seat belts, because with the Moon Princess online slot machine a beautiful journey through the stars awaits you. Game with a manga-style design, strongly influenced and inspired by the famous Sailor Moon , Moon Princess is a game with a typically Japanese design.

The great attention to detail and the spectacular 3D animations make Moon Princess not only an affordable online slot machine, with its RTP of 96.5% , but also a real pleasure for the player’s eyes.

Moon Princess: symbols and main characteristics

Moon Princess is a Play’n Go slot machine , whose 20 paylines are spread over the classic 5 reels , forming a 5 × 5 grid on which it is possible to bet from a minimum of 20 cents to a maximum of 100 credits. The denominations of the tokens are divided as follows:

  • 20 cents
  • 40 cents
  • 60 cents
  • 80 cents
  • 1 credit
  • 2 credits
  • 4 credits
  • 5 credits
  • 10 credits
  • 20 credits
  • 40 credits
  • 60 credits
  • 80 credits
  • 100 credits

The game was produced and launched in 2017, to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Sailor Moon, a manga of the majokko genre , a term that indicates the fusion of comedy and fantasy (or fantastic and science fiction). From the manga, as often happens, a series of cartoons was then drawn that amplified its success.

The symbols of the Moon Princess slot are eight. The first four are the basic symbols and recall the characteristics of the three princesses protagonists of the game: the green round symbol with a yellow composition inside and the blue star with the moon embedded are the two symbols that guarantee the lower payout, while the red heart and winged bell significantly raise the level.

But it is Storm, Star and Love, the three Moon Princesses, who offer the highest base reward. You need at least three on the same line, horizontally or vertically, but not necessarily of the same type: you can also win with combinations of Love, Star and Storm, even if the payout is halved.

The wild symbol and special features

The cerulean moon is the wild symbol, which can substitute for all other symbols to create winning combinations. But Moon Princess is a slot machine that gives its best when activating the Girl Power Feature , a special mode that can give rise to random events, even during non-winning slots spins.

Each of the three princesses has their own distinctive power (a bit like in the Sailor Moon manga). Princess Love is a symbol swap , which can transform a set of symbols into another symbol, thus creating more winning opportunities.

The Princess Star, on the other hand, adds one or two wild symbols, the highest paying of the whole slot machine. Finally, with Princess Storm, two sets of symbols are randomly selected and removed from the grid, allowing you to rely on new sets of symbols to create winning combinations.

The Princess Trinity feature

But it doesn’t end there, because Moon Princess also offers the Princess Trinity feature , a kind of special meter that is upgraded every time the player gets winning combinations, using the symbols of the three princesses.

When the meter is full, the free spins bonus is triggered and the player chooses between these three options:

  • Love Princess: 4 free spins with the possibility of using the symbol swap.
  • Star Princess: 5 free spins with the option to take advantage of one or two wild symbols.
  • Storm Princess: 8 free spins with the ability to use the power of the Storm Princess which replaces two sets of random symbols.

Also, the multipliers are not reset during these free spins: this means that players will have a chance to get a multiplier of up to 20x . By the way, the free spins can be extended, simply by continuing to create winning combinations with the three princesses.

Finally, if during the free spins of the Moon Princess slot you manage to clear the entire grid, you will automatically win 100 times the initial amount of your bet .

Moon Princess: tips for playing

If you are passionate about the manga genre, or if you grew up with Sailor Moon cartoons, the Moon Princess online slot machine will be a pleasant dive into memories for you. The game, as we have seen, has interesting but very simple mechanics.

Since there are no paylines to activate, but only the choice of the coin to bet on each spin, you won’t have to worry about bonuses or multipliers that “turn on” or “go off” based on the number of pay lines.


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