Monster Hunter World Guide: Iceborne, Cheats and Tips

Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is a content expansion for Monster Hunter World that adds nearly a hundred additional game hours . In it, we will travel to an icy region following the migration of monsters, scared or attracted by completely unknown reasons. The Blue Star will have to discover what happens, and if this poses a danger to the ecosystem.

The expansion can be played solo , but keep in mind that things will be much more complicated if you play without friends. Keep this in mind when facing it.

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The guide is under construction. In a few days we will expand the information with endgame content about which we do not want to spoil you .


  1. How to access the DLC
  2. Initial advice
  3. Missions
  4. monsters
  5. The Destination Lands
  6. Weapons and armor
  7. Frequently asked questions


How to access the DLC

As much as you explore the Primeval Forest, the Needle Wasteland, or any of the Monster Hunter World areas , you won’t find any access routes to the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne region . You have to do a special activity to do it.

  • Discover the requirements and how to access the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne DLC .

Initial advice

  • First of all, perform the optional 1 Star Retractable Claw Mission(Low Range / High Range> Optional> 1 Star Level> Discover Retractable Claw. You will be taught how to use this upgraded version of the sling, it changes the way of fighting.
  • Your team is no longer worth it, at least when it comes to armor. It is not that it is not worth it, but even in the case of having the best armor in the base game, you should change it as soon as you can for any one of the Master Rank.
  • Weapons will be useful to you, at least in the medium term. As always as soon as you have something better, great.
  • Keep in mind that you have to bring hot drinks to the icy areas. Otherwise, the maximum resistance will go down constantly.
  • Otherwise, remember the things you learned in the base game. Your combat style should remain more or less similar, not a good time to go changing weapons after a couple of hundred hours of play, don’t you think?


Like the main game, in Monster Hunter Worlc Iceborne we have the “free mode” which is the expeditions, but everything else corresponds to the missions , which this time will be of Master Rank . We have the following mission types:

  • Commissions :The main missions of the plot. Find out what is causing the migration of the Legiana.
  • Optional Orders :Hunt down all creatures that order you. Some will have special rewards!
  • Investigations – Investigationsreturn, to face monsters in special missions.


How could it be otherwise, a new region involves a lot of new monsters to hunt down. And that, of course, implies that we want to tell you everything about them: what objects are obtained, weak points, tips to face them …

  • Beotodus –a deadly ice wyvern that stalks prey in the snow.
  • Banbaro :a gigantic mouflon capable of taking you ahead with his horns.
  • Tobi-Kadachi Vipero :A dangerous variant of the Tobi-Kadachi endowed with a dangerous poisonous toxin.
  • Paolumu Somnus –A creature that accustoms its targets to sleep before attacking.
  • Barioth –This mix of saber teeth and ice wyvern can leave you cold as dead.
  • Lightning Anjanath :If the normal was already dangerous, the lightning variant is sparking. Literally.
  • Pukei-Pukei Coralino :a huge bird capable of throwing water to scare away the enemy.
  • Nargacuga :An extremely aggressive wyvern-bat with a spiked mace per tail.
  • Glavenus :a bad beast whose tail works like a sword of fire.
  • Tigrex :a prehistoric beast with power above normal.
  • Brachydios :Surprisingly, this monster fights you off.
  • Legiana Howler –A variant of the Frozen Wyvern capable of using Frost as a weapon and armor.
  • Acidic Glavenus :A Glavenus affected by the Putrefact Valley miasma.
  • Odogaron Ebony :As the original was not dangerous enough, this variant features new attacks.
  • Velkhana :the powerful Ice Elder Dragon that caused the migration of the Legiana.

The Destination Lands

Once you have completed the main story of the game, the 5th Fleet will find the Destiny Lands , a place where several environments coexist … and of course, several creatures.

So that you know exactly what you are facing, we want to talk to you about:

  • Basic general mechanics :general terminology and basic functioning of the ecosystem.
  • Biomes :discover how different environments in the Destiny Lands work.
  • Exclusive materials :there are several materials that can only be obtained in this area.
  • Pheromones and claims :we can attract the monsters we want to this lguar.
  • Exclusive Monsters :Some monsters only appear if certain circumstances exist.

Weapons and armor

Obviously, you are not going to face the new monsters with four rags. That is why Monster Hunter World Iceborne offers us a huge number of new weapons and armor , which are divided into:

  • New Weapons –Updated versions of the weapons you already know, and some brand new ones from the new monsters.
  • New Armor :New monsters bring us new armor to deal with when we meet them again.
  • Improved versions of old armor :we can also get some old armor in more powerful versions.

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Frequent questions

  • Why does the resistance bar constantly drop? As you explore the Frost Stream, your resistance bar drops all the time. We tell you why and what to do to avoid it.
  • The steam engine :we show you how this curious contraption works and how to get the most out of it.
  • Retractable claw :Find out how the new tool works Iceborne.


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