Monster Hunter Rise Review – Epic Hunt Comes to Kamura

The time has come to take up arms and face the great monsters that arrive with Monster Hunter Rise. Capcom’s new proposal is preparing its great premiere for Nintendo Switch and we have had the opportunity to analyze it in depth to discover both the great secrets that are hidden in the work and also to be able to hunt the most dangerous monsters but, what did we think? its gameplay and story?


  • Analysis Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch: The Wildest Hunt
  • Kamura needs good hunters, are you one of them?
  • The return of the most imposing monsters
  • A multiplayer section for all players
  • The best of Monster Hunter Rise
  • What is the least convincing thing about Monster Hunter Rise?
  • In short, is Monster Hunter Rise made for you?

Analysis Monster Hunter Rise for Nintendo Switch: The Wildest Hunt

We’ve been waiting for a while, and while Monster Hunter Rise news has come in episodically with constant posts from Capcom, the reality is that we’ve always needed a little more. For this reason, the company in the first place surprised us with a demo of which we already told you our impressions in its day and, luckily, it did not take us long to have a second demo that went into a little more detail, proposing to know its multiplayer and some a little more imposing monster. But now is the time to go into a little more detail and be able to speak to you with a little more ease than what the exclusive Capcom temporary for Nintendo Switch really hides.

First of all, we find a high-powered game that shows us a main installment that knows how to adapt really well to Nintendo Switch. In fact, Monster Hunter has shown that it can look really good on the hybrid console and show us a new world that we must explore. But this is not limited to being a single and simple world, but it is really open and divided into different regions in which large creatures will coexist, although sometimes this can be really dangerous for a hunter.

A great map to explore without having to wait too long for loading times

Monster Hunter Rise invites us to discover the village of Kamura and all its surroundings. Is. Despite her great beauty, she faces a great danger known as Frenzy . This will make the village a target of mighty monsters, bringing with it mighty and truly dangerous beasts that will not hesitate to attack. Of course, to prevent this great danger from destroying the place and endangering its inhabitants, the hunters arrive.

Of course, we are in a place that not only looks for the best hunters, but also thanks them for their presence . Therefore, it will be a place that always tries to move forward in search of meeting all our needs. Wide variety of weapons, armor and, of course, different options for us to prepare for the great war that threatens to start much earlier than expected.

Monster hunter rise

Kamura needs good hunters, are you one of them?

As you well know, the adventure begins in Kamura, where we, as hunters, are on a mission to confront all the dangerous monsters that threaten to endanger the villagers. To do this, we find a village ready for action , ready to offer us the best weapons and products so that we are always ready. Of course, for this, on many occasions we will have to seek to overcome the different enemies to be able to get the necessary material both to be able to improve our armor and weapons.

One of the most interesting aspects of this proposal is how Kamura presents itself as a large space with people willing to help us and, of course, request help in exchange for giving us interesting rewards . But do you know the best? That moving around Kamura will be instantaneous. And it is really surprising, but the charges within each territory are carried out at the moment.

Goodbye to the fear of having to enter a store or simply avoid accessing a position because you will waste time with loading times. Capcom’s proposal has been a great surprise that has shown us that even Nintendo Switch can leave loading times behind if a good job is done . And this is also repeated in the regions where the different monsters inhabit. You will hardly have to wait for a small percentage of time showing small tutorials and information about the creatures before jumping directly into action.

A village in which all the inhabitants will be willing to extend a helping hand

Kamura is not only a small village, but it will present different regions where the cold, the desert or even the water will have their place. And no, you do not have to fear loading times since each region, despite having the need to be discovered, you will not have to wait at all for them to be shown on the map, but as soon as you access that area will be revealed on the map.

The return of the most imposing monsters

Of course, if Kamura can leave us speechless, the same thing happens when we see the great monsters that inhabit the place. Fierce, deadly and powerful, these monsters will put us to the test anyway . And it is that, even the smallest monsters will be prepared to give us some other surprise, especially if we are not attentive. And it is that, while we attack our most powerful enemy, they will not hesitate to attack to defend their territory. Therefore, you better protect yourself well.

Monster hunter rise

Of course, not all monsters have to be bad. And, as you well know, we will also have important comrades. The felyne and canyne are one of the great novelties that are introduced into the game and it is that these will not only be present to help us move with the map, being one of the great proposals related to the canyne , but they also have a great power to help us in the hunt.

One of the aspects that we will find as soon as we start is that we will have the opportunity to create our partner of canyne and felyne . Adapt these to our liking, personalize them and even choose the power they should have. But to go one step further, you should know that they can be trained and that, in Kamura, there will also be space to request the help of other comrades.

While you may think that this does not really interest you because you want to always have the comrades you created at the beginning, you should know that this can be really interesting in the long run . After all, you have to train them and improve their skills, plus facing some mighty critters will require you to use one power instead of another, which can guarantee certain advantages later on. Do not miss any opportunity and make the most of it.

A multiplayer section for all players

For many, what is really important about this proposal is its multiplayer section. You should know that this experience is really surprising, although possibly many of you have seen it thanks to the demo. Thanks to this proposal, you can not only play with users from all over the world, but also with your friends, a proposal that you can also take advantage of with the local game.

The multiplayer section is, simply, a true marvel

This is really interesting when you are willing to collect materials to improve your hunter both in the aspect of weapons and armor . Or, simply, to extend a helping hand to one of your friends when a part of those imposing monsters resists him. The hunt is assured and the best thing is to be able to combine the different weapons in order to achieve the best results.

Of course, in multiplayer you must keep one thing in mind and that is that you will not be able to take your two companions into battle. In order to make it a little more even, you will have to decide if you want a canyne or felyne by your side. Of course, we can guarantee that the experience is worth it because hunting is much better when you enjoy it in good company.

Monster hunter rise

The best of Monster Hunter Rise

Now is the time to get closer to the final and review the points that can most attract our attention. On the one hand, we find the absence of loading times or how little it takes to load the action and what really interests us. This is simply that it favors a lot when it comes to enjoying a good game.

On the other hand, customization. This aspect may not be very important for many players, but having the ability to choose the sound that you want to be present in the village or even the ability to choose to customize the different companions that you take with you. Small aspects that are simply enjoyed exceedingly .

Although we could talk at length about the proposal, we will say that another of the great proposals that this game has is that there is a great variety of novelties. One of the most interesting is the possibilities of movement and even being able to handle monsters to use them as weapons.

What is the least convincing thing about Monster Hunter Rise?

Among the points that we dislike the most are the variety of missions. Some missions that can make us feel that the story really has a lot more presence than it seems. And yes, we have imposing enemies that can be a real challenge, but that little detail remains to be presented.

Another aspect that can be a bit heavy is mobility . And yes, we have several options but if you have to run after a monster and you do not have the canyne at hand, you can beg for your existence because the size of the map can become very long.

Monster hunter rise

In short, is Monster Hunter Rise made for you?

The moment of truth has arrived and, as you can well suppose, the feelings with Monster Hunter Rise are very positive. It has left us with a very good taste in our mouths and, although there may be some proposal that is still to be polished, the reality is that, as a whole, Capcom has managed to leave us with a very good proposal for Nintendo Switch.

Graphically it is a luxury, the short loading times mean that it does not disconnect from the game and, better yet, we have great moments to remember . All this while we face each other with large enemies that will not hesitate to put us to the test. Therefore, if you want a game that gives you a good challenge and that you can enjoy great hunts with your friends.


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