5 moments that no human being forgets In Every state of Life

The Life is made of moments, and some of these are absolutely memorable, in part because unrepeatable. You can live better or worse moments, but there are always decisive moments that change forever. These are moments that open before us a door to something transcendental that until then we did not know.

Those moments leave a deep hole in us. We can even forget them consciously, but in our unconscious they will be engraved in fire forever . Whether it’s positive or negative moments, they will be branded on our skin all the same, because they contain a mixture of feeling and experience.

How can a single moment be a hundred times more decisive than a much longer period of time? Because it looks like a kind of revelation. It opens our  eyes to something we did not know. In doing so, it opens up a new dimension for our lives. For this reason, do not forget, and for this reason today we will talk about five moments that can not be forgotten.

1. When we first started our first couple relationship

The first time we’ve become a partner of another person, it probably goes back a long time ago. Yet, not enough to prevent being any of the most emotionally vivid memories in our minds. Opening the door to the world of couples love and sexuality means opening one of the decisive dimensions of the existence of each of us.

Sometimes what links us to that first person is not so much love, in the strict sense of the term. Those moments have involved a great challenge for us, as well as an incredible revelation. The challenge lies in having to coordinate our needs with those of our partner. Revelation is about to be approached for the first time at the other sex . After that, nothing will be more like before.

Every One Has Moments that no human being forgets

2. The first paid job

One of the most memorable moments of life is when we receive our first salary for a job done . Not the paycheck we receive from parents for some domestic work, but a salary received from an employer outside the family.

The good thing about this moment is that it is the first feeling of autonomy and freedom. This is a rewarding feeling that makes us feel capable and useful. If the salary is right, it also positively poses for the job. Perhaps this is really the time to become an adult for real.

3. The first time you saw your father weep

The father is a figure who, in one way or another, always maintains a mythic self. To put it another way, it is the head of the family. The director, the guide. For this reason, the first time we see it weep becomes a memorable moment. With her tears, something inside of us unlocks. We understand that even before we are our father, that man is a vulnerable human being just like us.

Some people have probably never been able to see their father cry, others, unfortunately, have never even had the chance to know it. In any case, they certainly have next to them another authoritarian figure who can represent a father symbolically. The person to whom we attribute the representation of force, whatever it is, has a great influence on our inner life , and that his soul may have cracks impresses us profoundly. If it can break, then absolutely can happen to anyone.

4. Help someone at a critical moment

One of the moments that can not be forgotten is where we feel that all the doors around us are closed. As happy and full can be a person, sooner or later anyone who lives similar times. Moments where there seem to be no way out. Everything appears dark and dominated by dismay. He feels he is facing an insurmountable obstacle, and the feeling that he feels is that of impotence.

At times when nothing seems to go in the right direction, we all come across a hand that comes to our rescue. There are those who find a person able to offer concrete and generous help, others find who can give them a smile or a voice of comfort. In any case, that voice of comfort or that solidarity gesture will forever transform into a beautiful and indelible memory.

5. The death of a loved one

Another unforgettable moment is the first time that the door of death opens before us, as well as the first time that death touches someone dear to us. Seeing someone’s death or knowing he will die soon reveals the concept of ending. It reminds us of our death and gives us the dimension of the finite, the ever “forever”.

When a person dies to us dear, the astonishment for death will unite that of a pain different from all the others. It will clearly outline the words “lose forever”. We will enter into a logic that will enable us to understand that life expectancy has a definite end. And we will learn slowly to say goodbye.

All these moments shape our emotions. Each of them impresses in us a sign that will last forever. For this reason, such moments are not only felt in the moment they live, but also through memories. They always stay there, in our veins, to remind us who we are, where we come from and that there will always be moments in which our heart will stop to not go back to beat.

by Abdullah Sam
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