Modern Warfare: How To Unlock The ISO Submachine Gun

The fifth season of  Call of Duty: Modern Warfare  aims to be the largest so far. Not only are Warzone  fans  finally seeing major map changes, including the ability to enter the stadium for the first time, but also a massive freight train that is actively moving through Verdansk and could be captured by fire groups.

In addition to the Warzone features  , the highly popular multiplayer mode has also received new content in the form of game modes such as Bare Bones, as well as additional maps to combat it. Livestock is a brand new Gunfight map, while Petrov Oil Rig and Suldal Harbor are more traditional maps designed for standard 6v6 matches. Interestingly, Suldal Harbor is actually a remake of the original Harbor map that was released in the very first Call of Duty  back in 2003.

Naturally, Season 5 will also bring with it a new Season Pass for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players  , including new cosmetic items, skins, and two new weapons. Here’s more information on ISO SMG and how to unlock it.

ISO Unlock Requirements

As expected, ISO SMG is available free of charge for all Call of Duty: Modern Warfare players  , whether they purchase the Season 5 Battle Pass or not. The ISO is set at 15, while the other free weapon, the An-94 assault rifle, is set at 31. To unlock both weapons, simply level up the Battle Pass to those specific levels.

Alternatively, players can always expedite the buying process by using a premium currency known as CoD Points to purchase certain tiers, although the higher the tier, the more money it will cost. Activision offers a Battle Pass Bundle that unlocks not only the Season 5 Battle Pass, but also the first 20 levels. This will unlock the ISO and allow players to get better at the RN-94. For those who don’t mind spending some real money, the entire Battle Pass can be unlocked for around $ 150, giving the player everything Season 5 has to offer right away.

ISO SMG features

According to Infinity Ward, what sets the ISO SMG apart from other guns is its extremely high rate of fire. In addition, this weapon has a higher level of controllability and mobility than many other weapons. As such, it is great for close range shooting and benefits those who like to run and shoot


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