Modern Warfare: How to open the AN-94 assault rifle

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Season 5 is officially out and has added a ton of new content to both the standard multiplayer game mode and Warzone . Some of this new content comes in the form of the Modern Warfare Season 5Battle Pass , which features 100 levels of unlockable rewards, from songs to weapons. One of the new Battle Pass weapons that some players will be particularly excited to get hold of is the AN-94 Assault Rifle, and thankfully it’s not that hard to get.

To unlock the An-94 assault rifle in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare, players simply need to reach Level 31 Battle Pass. This means that any fan who wants to do a little bit of work will be able to get AN-94 during Season 5, and players who want to speed up the process need to be on the lookout for Activision to announce any double XP weekend that is not unusual. as the season goes on.

However, Modern Warfare players  who would prefer to bypass the AN-94 grind, or at least minimize it, can do so by spending a few CoD points  . Specifically, fans can purchase the Battle Pass Kit for 2,400 CoD Points   to gain access to all 100 Battle Pass levels and immediately skip 20 of them. These level skips will significantly reduce the time it takes players to reach level 31 and unlock the An-94. 

In addition, players can buy custom level passes at 150 CoD points  each to get even closer to getting this new weapon in Modern Warfare  without any shredding. For fans who are considering this approach, it’s worth mentioning that it actually costs less CoD points to purchase the aforementioned Battle Pass Bundle and the extra 11 Level Passes  than buying 31 individual Level Passes. Additionally, the first option unlocks the premium side of the Battle Pass, while the second does not.

As Activision points out, the An-94 has “a unique hyperspace function,” which means that “the first shot of a fully automatic salvo is followed by an instant second shot before significant recoil is felt.” This feature should give the An-94 the ability to deal significant damage, although time will tell if that’s enough to propel the gun to the top of the Modern Warfare weapon tier list  . However, even if this assault rifle doesn’t turn out to be one of the best weapons in the game, many fans will still be happy to get one for free.


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