MobileSuitGD: List of Gift Exchange Code

MobileSuitGD is a new mobile Gundam RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, and is an unofficial creation of Farnham, unlike Bandai, the owner of the franchise. This game features many of the characters and Gundams you know and love from anime as well as games.

The developer has added gift exchange codes as a functionality and they are often released for various reasons, such as for promotional purposes or to reward loyal fans of the game. Gift exchange codes can be redeemed for free gifts and prizes. Each account can use each code once, but you can use as many separate codes as you like, as long as they are not duplicates.

Read on for a list of gift exchange codes, how to find more, and how to redeem them on MobileSuitGD!

To get to the part where you can use these codes, follow the tutorial until you can tap on the avatar, which is in the upper left corner of the screen. Once you get there, tap on your avatar.

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After doing that, tap on the tab that says “function.” There will be a text box inviting you to enter a gift exchange code, which you can type or copy and paste from a different source. Enter your code and confirm it, and you will receive your reward instantly.

So where do you go to find more codes? The first place to start looking is on the game’s official Facebook page. Developers run a lot of ads anyway, so chances are you can find code here. Subscribe to the page so you don’t miss any new code that is delivered.

Be sure to check out other social media platforms as well, such as Twitter, UK, Instagram, Chinese social media websites, and more. Anywhere you can find a page about this game, you are also likely to find codes that have been published by the developer, or at least shared by other fans.

Make sure to check out the game’s subreddit, because this is the most common place for fans to post, so naturally fans will come here asking for codes or sharing whatever code they have. If you have code that you don’t see posted here, be sure to share that as well.

Twitter and YouTube are great sources for codes too, because video creators and broadcasters tend to have access to exclusives that no one else has. Look for video titles especially, because if a streamer or YouTube or has a code, they are going to advertise that they have it. The developers like to give codes to the video creators first, because they can use their large fan bases to promote the game.

Another good place to check, especially for a smaller game like this, is the review page on the App Store. Go with the app store from which you download the game. Look for reviews from newest to oldest to give yourself the best chance of finding new codes. Also, be sure to post any code you find that you don’t see shared.

Discord is a good place for codes, because players can instantly share codes once they find or use them. Accept a channel invite, then use the search bar to search for any message that contains the word “code.”

At this time, neither the developer nor other players have shared codes; be sure to keep checking back though, because we are constantly checking our sources, and will provide new codes as soon as we find them!


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