5 mistakes in corporate health management and how to avoid them

There are many errors in corporate health management because HR and also the organization’s leaders do not come together to understand the positive effects of this practice. Or, still, they focus exclusively on generic actions, when they do not understand the impacts within their own teams. Hence, the importance of integrating the sectors, and learning to deal with each situation in a personalized way.

Well-being in the workplace is not limited to corporate benefits , such as health insurance. After all, the company’s leadership and the HR sector, mainly, have to be aligned with the best practices in the sector. This includes moving away from the main errors in corporate health management .

Before evaluating whether your company is in agreement or not with the best practices in the industry, come with us throughout this reading! In the next topics, we gathered 5 mistakes in corporate health management that you should be aware of – and we also brought you some good ideas to implement in your company. Check out!


What is corporate health management?


We will think of corporate health management as a humanized thought, but that technically benefits the entire production chain of your company.

For example: you discover that the low productivity of a specific team is related to the poor condition of the accessories and equipment they use.

As a result, absenteeism , absences due to injuries and illnesses and even a chronic demotivation that translates into a high turnover rate have increased .

This is where strategic work to not only solve the consequences, but the problem at its root, emerges as quite an attraction. Just consider what are the resources that can be invested in order to promote an increase in productivity and the eradication of the problems mentioned above.

In addition, of course, to other tips that we will explore below, based on the main mistakes that managers and HR have made in corporate health management!

How to avoid mistakes in corporate health management?

We highlight the main mistakes that leaders of all segments and companies of all sizes have been practicing. Assess whether any of these mistakes are part of your routine, too, and learn to avoid them!


Absence of a collective welfare plan

People are not machines, they feel, suffer, desire and get bored. This influences, directly or indirectly, their performance in their professional activities.

When HR and management understand this, they understand that corporate health management is an investment, not an extra cost for the organization.

Based on the profile of your employees, try to promote well-being and the quality of collective life with:

  • labor gymnastics;
  • nutritional monitoring;
  • externally planned physical activities (such as walking or cycling groups);
  • massages.

When there is a good alignment with the average team profile, engagement is greater. Quite a success, compared to a routine of neglect to the welfare of its employees.

Unhealthy work environment

Previously, we highlighted that a simple carelessness in the best working conditions can cause a destructive snowball in the work environment.

It is worth noting, however, that this is also proving to be a major error in corporate health management through other attitudes (or the lack of them), such as the lack of a damage and accident prevention program, for example.

Therefore, review the entire workflow, and identify whether managers guide and alert their employees about all risks. And then, check to see if there is an action plan to prevent, circumvent and reduce these potentially dangerous situations to zero.


Financial well-being

In Brazil, more than 60 million people are in default , which highlights a common evil: financial stress. This type of psychological (and economic) disorder is also reflected in the way in which people relate to others in the workplace. And it is not uncommon for them to have:

  • irritability;
  • impatience;
  • anxiety;
  • stress;
  • distraction;
  • low productivity
  • demotivation.

It was also noticed that companies that invest in financial well-being programs are more likely to recover these employees so far away from day to day. A way to invest in weight not only in good results in the company, but in guidance and some strategies for valuing the financial health of these professionals.

Thus, corporate health management can take an even closer and more humanized side, offering extra-professional assistance for its human capital to perform better and more safely.


Lack of monitoring of HR ratios

Some things HR and managers only know from monitoring metrics and great performance indicators . This is because, professionals are not always ready to talk, open up and expose themselves to report a problem, challenge or difficulty.

When these changes are noticed (in satisfaction and productivity or in engagement, for example), it is possible to take action quickly, and with more precision and effectiveness.

For that reason, not only for corporate health management, but for all the growth of the organization, the compilation and organization of this valuable data for internal development are indispensable.


Awareness actions

Finally, HR managers and specialists may forget that a simple way to practice corporate health management is to carry out awareness actions, which can be about:

  • smoking;
  • bullying and harassment (inside and outside) of the company;
  • good practices for a nutritious and balanced diet;
  • the importance of physical exercise;
  • mental health;
  • specific campaigns (such as pink October and blue November, among others).

When the HR sector presents a solid and continuous plan of care, attention, monitoring and concern for its employees, they respond with more engagement, productivity and satisfaction. The good old gratitude presented in better performances, and an ever greater union.

Now, to finish this article, let’s open the space for you to share with your experiences and, thus, we can talk more about corporate health management: what are the major challenges that your team faces, regarding this, in your company? Just leave your opinion in the field below!


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