Is Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani a ‘Promised Jesus-Imam Mahdi’?

Mirzaput Bashiruddin Mahmud, the second Imam and Caliph of the Qadiani community, preached by writing a book entitled ‘Haqiqatun Nabuwaah’. He wrote it against the Kadiani Lahori group and tried to ‘argue’ that it was Mirza Sahib’s distinctiveness in being a Shariah prophet. The cover of the book is written in large letters, “The Prophets of Jesus Christ-Imam Mahdi and the Resalat proved inexhaustible documents.”


Up to fifty pages of ‘book-proofs’ have been tried to prove the prophetic evidence of Mirza Sahib in the book 8-20. There are twenty types of ‘documents’, which are basically divided into Lahore groups. The seventh document among them is, “Mirza Sahib himself has referred to himself as a prophet and a messenger, and has explicitly claimed to be a prophet.”


We are also highlighting some of the points of the book in front of our readers. We also read these in the original book of Mirza. Here I am going to quote the discussion book.


১. I swear by God, in whose hand my soul is, He sent me and gave me the name of a prophet. (Hakikatun Nubuwah, p. 1)


  1. By Allah’s command I am a prophet. (The last letter of Mirza Sahib published in ‘Akhbar Aam’ on 27 May 19).


৩. Our claim is that I am a Prophet and a Messenger. (Badr, March 3 – 9.)


৪. So there is no doubt that earthquakes and various natural disasters occur in my predictions as a sign of my prophecy. It should be remembered that if a messenger of God is lied to in one area of ​​the earth, then the criminals in another area are also caught. (Haqiqat al-Ohi, p. 12)


৫. Hundreds of mountainous people have been hit by earthquakes in various areas. What a crime they were! What they thought was false! So, remember that when trying to deny a prophet of Allah a lie, be it done by a particular community or by the inhabitants of a particular land, Allah brings down a great punishment and punishment. (Haqiqat al-Ohi, pp. 3-5)


৬. Allaah kept the torment until the Prophet (peace be upon him) sent a Prophet according to his rules. … Now he has come to the Prophet. So the time has come for them to punish the crime. (Tatimma Hakikatul Ohi, p. 12)


৭. A severe punishment comes only when the Prophet’s arrival is denied. In the Quran, Allah says, “I never punish anyone, unless I send (a messenger) to him.” – Surah Bani Isra’il, (1):.

So why is the delay in realizing the fact that the whole country has become drought-stricken, one after another severe earthquake. Hey hey Seek out that Allah may have sent a Prophet among you whom you have been denying! (So ​​that all these disasters do not chase you away) -Tajalia at Aaliyah, p. 1-2


৮. Allah did not want to leave His Prophet without testimony. 2


৯. Allah will protect the ‘Qadian’ region from plague epidemic. Because it is the walking field of his beloved messenger! – Revealed, p. 2


১০. The true God is the One who sent His Messenger to Qadian. (Dafaul Bala, p. 4; In Mirza Mahmud’s Hakikatun Nubuwaha’s Source, p. 202, 23).


Mirza has expressed this in his own words. Readers! Think with justice and judge for yourself whether these sentences have any different interpretation.


These two discussions will help you to know the truth about Mirza Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani’s claim to the promised Jesus-Imam Mahdi…

Ghulam Ahmad Qadiani Is Jesus Promised?


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