Mirabai – Famous Figures In History

Mirabai, also known as Meera or Meera Bai, is one of the most famous figures in the Indian community. It remains to be a symbol for women of the Hindu community who are trying to get their voice today. Mirabai is still very much alive in the hearts of Indians who love her so much. She is considered one of the greatest holy women. The songs he composed are still sung today. Moreover, many artists have composed hundreds of songs in honor of Mirabai and festivals dedicated to her. They are celebrated around the time of Dusshera in Rajasthan. For the Indians, it is still alive in their hearts.

Early life

Mirabai was born at the beginning of the 16th century to Ratan Singh and Veer Kumari. His father was of descent Rao Rathor, the founder of Jothpur. She was born in the village of Chaukari. Meera fell in love with Sri Krishna when a wandering sage, Sadhu, came to their home and gave his father a Sri Krishna doll. At first, his father was reluctant to give it to him because he thought he wouldn’t appreciate it. Mirabai would not have eaten until she was given the doll and promised to make Krishna her friend, lover and husband for life. Mirabai became a mystical poet and devoted worshiper of Lord Krishna.

Conflict with the family

Ratan, Meera’s father, organized his marriage with Prince Bhoj Raj at an early age. Prince Bhoj Raj was the son of Rana Sanga of Chittoh and worshiped their family divinity Durga. Meera diligently served her husband, but later spent time singing and worshiping her beloved Sri Krishna that the new family did not approve of because they worshiped Durga. Her sister-in-law accused her of defamatory remarks that irritated Mirabai’s husband. He also accused her of entertaining the men in her room. Her husband believed these voices and stormed her room with a sword only to find Meera playing with a doll. Despite these slanders, he remained indifferent.


Mirabai has written many poems in praise of Sri Krishna which are also used today by Krishna devotees. He influenced her husband in respect of Krishna, and led to the building of a temple of Lord Krishna so that Meera could worship his lord. He also wrote about 200 songs. The Mirabai also influenced the women of the Hindu community to hear their voices since Hinduism considered men superior to women.

Mirabai’s death

During his last days, Mirabai went to live in Dwarka. This is where Lord Krishna and his clan lived after leaving their home in Mathura. It is not known what caused Mirabai’s death. It is believed that in 1547, Mirabai left his body to join Lord Krishna at the age of 59. There is common folklore that says that Meera merged into the idol of Sri Krishna and became one. This happened when Chittor sent men to kidnap her and only her sari was found wrapped around the murti of Krishna.

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