Minecraft prepares a change that will revolutionize the game

Minecraft is quite a milestone, it goes without saying. But that will not make those responsible rest on their laurels. Mojang has made an announcement with which he promises to completely revolutionize the gaming experience . They are going to make Minecraft games can host up to 1,000 different players , throwing out the limit of 99 that they have maintained for a whole decade. For this, they are going to ally with the British company Hadean .

Minecraft-Hadean Alliance Brings 1,000-Player Games to Minecraft

The fruit of this alliance between the video game developer and the startup dedicated to supercomputing is the integration of the Aether Engine in the video game . With this new technology, they seek to eliminate any possible limitation that the title could have in the past. In the first tests, for example, they have managed to increase the size of the lobby and host 1,000 players without any problem.

They don’t aspire to change the mechanics, but they are going to offer all developers the ability to introduce tons of new features in Minecraft. “Introducing the Aether Engine into Minecraft opens up a host of exciting new experiences, events, and game modes for our players,” explains Mojang CTO Michael Weilbacher in a statement collected by Tech Radar .

With this new technology, they aspire to “create experiences much more immersive and larger than before . ” It won’t take long to see the results, but whatever they are going to do with this engine, it is sure to bring brutal changes to Minecraft. And it seemed like they had peaked with VR compatibility …


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