Minecraft Dungeons – Guide on how to play local and online multiplayer

Since its initial concept, Minecraft Dungeons has been structured by Mojang Studios to be experienced together with other users, up to a maximum of four players per session . However, despite the game being available on PC , PlayStation 4 , Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch (and Xbox Game Pass), it is not possible to play through cross-play on all platforms, as the feature will be supported after an upcoming update in the works. So let’s see how it is possible to create group sessions, also talking about the changes that the game introduces in these specific cases, aimed at slightly varying the gameplay for the adventure of an entire team.

  • It is possible to communicate with other players through specific commands
  • The team can reunite using the Ender Pearl, as after a short time from use you can choose another user and teleport to the same.
  • As the number of people increases, the difficulty of the dungeons increases proportionally
  • If a player is defeated it is possible to revive it within 30 seconds (with little health). In the event of death, everyone will lose a life. After the death of the monsters they will begin to appear near the body
  • Emeralds and items are not shared, unlike arrows and consumables

To play split-screen on PC, only one player will be able to equip themselves with a mouse and keyboard, while the others will need to use a controller. As for online matches, however, we remember the absence of any type of matchmaking , but it is still possible to connect with your friends. After selecting the online mode (in the pre-game menu), the players that can be invited to the session will appear, which must therefore be present in the friends list of the platform on which you are playing.

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