How To Check That Milk Is Pure Or adulterated?

Milk is adulterated and sometimes some substances like urea or water or formalin or some other chemicals, synthetic milk, you know, so it becomes very very difficult to check for a common man. However it can be checked through some processes like reduction method which is like reducing the milk to solid, you know.

For acidity by the use of an acidimeter.

2. For odors by sense of smell.

3. For flavors by sense of taste.

4. For insoluble dirt by eyesight and by allow-

ing samples to stand a few minutes in small glass jars so that the dirt will settle to the bottom.

5. In cold weather flavors and odors can be detected more readily if milk and cream are warmed up by steam.

6. By the use of fermentation or Wisconsin curd test.

7. Milk can be tested for adulteration by the use of a lactometer.

8. Samples can be taken for composite bottles or for daily testing for fat

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