Vini vidi vinci . It was clear that Nintendo was going to succeed with its first mobile application, if only because of the hype that has accompanied this premiere for months. The debut of the big N on a platform that they had been denying could not have translated into more or faster downloads, three million only the first days, have you already tried Miitomo?

What style is my Mii! And what to say about my guest Mecha mode

Miitomo is an app for iPhone and Android that allows us to get to know our contacts better. Using the application is very simple: we create a Mii, answer personal questions and read the answers to these (or other) questions from our contacts. That easy, or limited, depending on how you see it.

The grace is in two points: the conversations with our friends based on the random questions that Nintendo asks us (some speak of the great Miitomo market study) and on the other hand the always recurring collection of accessories for Mii. Our character can be customized with various clothes, and to buy it, we must use coins. There are several ways to get coins, answering questions, leaving comments, completing missions or buying coin packs for real money. Come on, Nintendo has not invented anything.



Everyone wants to change their style and buy new clothes for their Mii (in fact, doing it every day, it pays off). We are going to review in what ways the game allows us to earn coins without spending a penny. There are no magic formulas, but with perseverance and participation we can amass small fortunes.



To get coins you have to interact with the game. Every answer we offer, or every comment we leave, reports a (small) amount of coins to us. However, if we complete the daily minimum, we will get a few more. Answer a minimum of three questions per day, comment on 10 answers and be original to receive “likes” (hearts) in your publications; With five a day, Nintendo is happy and gives us coins.



The number of friends is important to earn coins. The more friends we have in Miitomo, the higher our level will be, and therefore, the rewards obtained for each interaction will also be greater. See how you go from 5 to 10 coins and then to 15 and so on with each milestone of friends that is surpassed. Also, the more contacts added, the more replies to read, and the more hearts to receive, one thing leads to another.

As we see in the image above, there are three ways to add contacts in Miitomo: looking for friends on Facebook or Twitter (linking your accounts to the application) or passing a code face to face.



Just for entering once a day, Nintendo gives us something: either coins or tickets to Release Mii.


Getting clothes and accessories without spending the gold coins is possible with the Loose Mii prizes. Spend your tickets at the games and get clothes instead of buying them at the store.

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