How migraines affect social life

Hearing about a migraine, most people think of a “simple” headache. However, this ailment can evolve into something much more bothersome and more serious than a common headache. Isolated migraine can become a chronic migraine if the patient’s pain increases and becomes more frequent in a short period of time. Migraines usually manifest with common headaches, but these pains can lead to other ailments, a priori, not related to the disease.

“You are bothered by light, sounds, sudden movements usually amplify the pain signal … You can also have nausea, vomit and there may even be irregularities in the intestinal transit and suffer diarrhea” explains Dr. Margarita Sánchez del Río, responsible of the Headache Program of the Ruber International Hospital . Dr. Sánchez adds that sleep problems can occur and clarifies that definitely, chronic migraine “involves more things than always a headache.”

Migraines and social relationships

“The patient who suffers from chronic migraine headaches is extremely disabled. There is not a day that does not hurt »explains Dr. Sánchez.

The characteristics of this disease make it greatly influence the lives of people and on numerous occasions cause problems in social, family and love relationships. “The patient is affected in any activity of his routine life such as work, but also when enjoying events and trips.” You never know when the pain will appear.

A study of migraine and headache experiences in England, Germany, Italy and Spain by Allergan , a research-focused pharmaceutical company, deduces that chronic migraine affects 61% of workers at peak performance. potential at work and 38% are concerned that they may lose their job due to this disease.

When it comes to life as a couple, chronic migraine is a big problem for most sufferers. 44% recognize that they avoid sexual relations often and 42% feel that they cannot enjoy their life as a couple as they would like. Furthermore, 35% of those surveyed see chronic migraine as a stressful factor in their relationship and 6% declare that they have not been able to find a partner due to this disease.

Relationships with friends are also affected and 59% of those affected say that they have had to cancel plans with their friends due to pain. Likewise, family life is also affected by the pain caused by chronic migraine. 44% indicate that they are losing the possibility of having a “normal” family life, and 36% affirm that they have missed an important family event (wedding, anniversary) as a result of the migraines they suffer.

The patient who lives with this pathology can start with pain and discomfort at any time, so it is a disease that does not let him rest and must be treated according to the patient and his physical conditions. It must be said that this disease affects three times more women and usually appears between 30-50 years of age. It is not good to abuse painkillers if preventive treatment is followed as this can help to chronic pain; “Some patients are treated with physiotherapy or occipital stimulation” concludes Dr. Sánchez.


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